Thursday, October 18, 2012

Incident at Australian Motel

Incident at Australian Motel
Derek Lai and his girlfriend Carolyn manage to get real cheap airline rates from Malaysia, so they plan to go to Australia for a week break. Derek and Carolyn flew first to Sydney for a reunion with Derek’s sister Bess who has migrated to Australia. Bess’s husband and two kids were also there. Derek and Carolyn had a fun filled time with Bess’s family and sightseeing about Sydney.
Derek and Carolyn then flew to Western Australia as they both wanted to see natural habitats of Australia like kangaroos, wombats, emus, koalas etc. They checked into an outback motel where they planed they spend time back trekking.

Bedroom at the Motel in Australia
When Derek and Carolyn had checked in the motel, they unpacked their belongings before going out for a quick fast-food dinner. After dinner at a nearby diner Derek and Carolyn was walking back to the motel. As Derek was walking to the motel he noticed that their light bedroom was switched on but the curtains were closed.
When he turned he saw a shadowy profile of a person in the lights silhouette from their bedroom curtains. Turning to Carolyn he saw she was busy on her mobile phone and he quickly turned back the shadowy figure was gone. It must just be his wild imagination, Derek thought, and did not take too much of it.
When they finally arrived at their room, Derek secretly looked into their stuff in the bedroom but nothing was amiss or missing. Derek was glad that he did not make a fuss to Carolyn, it must have been imagination after all.
While Derek got out his snacks for the night and he planned to watch television, Carolyn in the meantime was getting ready for a shower. After about 30 minutes, Carolyn marched in their bedroom and excited with only her towel. “There is somebody there” she cried pointing to the bathroom.
Derek reluctantly went to the bathroom who was covered with was misted out due to the hot water from the shower. While they were looking around they really freaked out, when they saw two distinct handprints in the bathroom mirror. Not only the two handprints were larger than Derek’s handprints but one of the handprint was slightly deform.
Shocked Derek and Carolyn rushed to the reception area to demand another room for the night. Unfortunately receptionist was closed at that time and they ultimately resigned to their fate of going to their room.
Derek and Carolyn went back and covered themselves in blankets and of course with the lights on. At about 5.30am when Derek was almost asleep, he observed that a looming dark shadow swept across the bedroom. Derek forced himself to sleep.
Derek and Carolyn checked early the next morning and went to another “safe” place.

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