Friday, November 2, 2012

Old School Toilet

Old School Toilet
Almost every men and women have in their childhood memories of their schools days and more often than not of their school toilets in particular. This is a tale about a schoolgirl’s incident about an eerie account about her school toilet.
Chee Mei was only 14 years old then and was in a Chinese school in the state of Pahang. On that particular day she was walking with her best friend, Amelia, during their lunch break when Chee Mei excused herself to go to the toilet. The toilets were located on the old courtyard a distance from the canteen.
The toilets were in an old white-wash brick and concrete single storey building which were partially covered with the trees from the courtyard. Once in the toilet, on one side were of short slanted window panes on the top portion of the wall. The window panes were caked with permanent grind the surrounding the building was dark and gloomy. A row of old washbasins were situated below the window panes. The floors are of cement and rough concrete and were covered with patches of water (from leaky pipes…I think). A row of concrete old toilets were in the other side wall.

Old Squat Toilets
Chee Mei went to one of the squat toilet and did her business. When she was done, she was washing her hands on the washing basin when she felt unbelievable coldness in the air and goosebumps in her arms and the dark and gloomy environment in the toilet building. Looking slowly down at the bottom of the ceiling where it was shrouded in the darkness. She noticed a blurry whitish human form on top at an angle hovering from the ceiling.  The shadowy figure was at the top of the ceiling and was tilted at an angle looking at Chee Mei. Terrified and totally speechless she could only look in horror at the apparition which was slowly moving towards her.
Suddenly Amelia and one of her friend barged into the toilet building wondering why Chee Mei is taking so long. Chee Mei quickly glanced at her two friends and then screaming and pushing them towards the exit.
They rushed off and inform the teachers where Chee Mei poured out her tale. The teachers and the girls went back to old toilet building where they did not see anything. The teachers did not believed Chee Mei’s story but surprising the old toilet was eventually locked up!
School girls have over years talked about the existence “janitor ghost” and locally called “harm suk gwai” which means “peeping tom ghost”.

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