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School Toilet Incident

School Toilet Incident
I came to know Natalyn Chai who is a colleague working in the Technical Department. She used to stay at Batu Pahat in Johor with her family before moving to Kuala Lumpur.  This incident occurred when Natalyn was 12 years old when she was in a school in Batu Pahat.
She was having class one day and she was having PE (Physical Education) at the school field. When she realized that she left her purse in the classroom. With the permission of Mrs. Lam (her teacher) she ran to her classroom which was located on the 2nd floor of the school.
As she was running back to her classmates at the school field she decided that she needed to go to the toilet. On impulse, she decided to the old toilet located on the ground floor near the canteen. Although she has heard from her classmates about the toilet being “unclean” she just brushed it off. She thought it was mere superstition and irrational.

School’s Toilet - cubicles

When Natalyn finally arrived at the old toilet the only light was coming from half-glass window panes and the old bulb. The washing basins were closed to the window panes and the cubicles were adjacent to the wash basins. The last cubicle was closed so Natalyn grabbed the 2nd last cubicle.
She got on the toilet seat and started do her thing. As she was sitting, she started whistling a favourite song when notice the same whistling of the song from the other cubicle. Curious Natalyn then knocked three times and guess what, she heard somewhat knocking three times. A bit angry as she thought someone was playing a prank on her, she climbed on the toilet seat and faced the partition and to look at her.
When Natalyn finally looked between over the partition, she saw a girl sitting on the toilet seat and she was smiling at Natalyn…and it look exactly like her!!!
She freaked out, delirious and hysterical, Natalyn ran from the toilet screaming wildly.
Note : A Doppelganger has been described as a ghostly double of a living person.

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