Sunday, October 21, 2012

Old Classmate’s Haunted House

Old Classmate’s Haunted House
Kate managed to finally persuade her parents to allow her to spend a night at Chu Ling’s house. Kate and Chu Ling are best friends where they studying at Convent school (later demolished for some construction works) at Seremban in the 1980s. Chu Ling stays with her parents, a younger sister and two younger brothers at Lorong Temiang at Seremban in the State of Negri Sembilan.
Kate was so happy with being together with Chu Ling and their family that during dinner Chu Ling’s mother said she will make her a special porridge for breakfast. They talked throughout dinner and even during TV time about everything. Kate was sharing Chu Ling’s and her sister’s room for the night. Chu Ling mentioned that if Kate heard any noise she should ignore it. Kate was a bit puzzled about Chu Ling’s comment but since her friend was reluctant to talk about it further, Kate eventually forgot about that.
Kate woke up very early but Chu Ling and her sister was still soundly asleep. Kate wanted to go to the toilet but she did not want to wake up Chu Ling to accompany her to the toilet. However she heard of someone in the kitchen, it must be Chu Ling’s mother she thought happily. There were sound of bathing from the toilet and someone preparing of things like boiling water around the kitchen (the toilet and the kitchen were in the bottom part and lower than the rest of the house). There were pairs of olden wooden clogs around the toilet to prevent getting water from splashing in. In fact Kate had the sound of the clogs ‘clanking’ in the toilet.

Old Wooden Clogs around the Toilet
All of a sudden the sound of the noises stopped suddenly. Kate quickly hurried to the kitchen worried that Chu Ling’s mother must be back in her bedroom. Kate was surprise that the lights were off from the kitchen and she turned the lights on. She was absolutely puzzled that not only Chu Ling’s mother was not around but nobody was around. More surprising the door to the toilet was opened but the toilet was completely dry. She was completely freaked out but she quietly went back to her bedroom to wait for Chu Ling to wait up so she can use the toilet.
Later in the morning Kate was still surprised about the sound and she asked Chu Ling. Chu Ling was at first reluctant to talk but eventually relented. She told Kate that the kitchen and toilet was in older portion of the house. Only Chu Ling, one of her younger brother and Chu Ling’s mother can sometimes hear strange noises like people walking and preparing food in the kitchen but the rest of her family cannot hear those sounds. Anyway her family had got used to the sound eventually. Chu Ling thinks that when her parents bought the house over 10 years ago and that her house is haunted.

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