Thursday, October 25, 2012

T-Junction Spooky Incident

T-Junction Spooky Incident
When Jeremiah Johnson married with Mindy Johnson-Lee they moved to a house which have a  T-junction in Shah Alam. Although the couple loved the place, Mindy’s mother had absolutely nothing good to say about that place. The T-junction house supposedly create negative energies and is really bad for all occupants.
There were a number of car accidents where people were hurt due to careless or even drunk drivers over the people but fortunately no one died. There were also people who suffered from snatch thieves while they were around the T-Junction.
Mindy’s mother who is from Johor regularly visit and stay with the couple whenever she is in town. She adores her granddaughter, Debbie, and spent a lot of time with each other. One evening, the couple was at work and Debbie had to take part in activities and Mindy’s mother was alone.

A Drawing of a T-Junction

So Mindy’s mother took a walk in the neighbourhood while waiting for Debbie to be back from her activities. Mindy’s mother was coming back after her walk and close to their T-Junction house when she was suddenly violently knocked behind. She was flung to the end of the road and desperately looking up she saw a white car and an old Chinese man with a beard. The old man looked at her and he smiled before driving off. The scene was so unreal and ridiculous that she could not imagine as she tried to sit up.
Two older aunties (housewives) who were walking together quickly came to her aid. The first aunty asked, “What happened, are you alright…why were did flung off by yourself?”  Before she could answer, the second housewife said, “What are you saying, she was hit by a black car…an Indian man in blue shirt…in fact, he was gesturing with his middle finger..”  Whoa! Mindy’s mother was astounded by the different version, including her own, and can only asked what is going on.
Mandy’s mother was surprised that she was not hurt…no fractures, no injuries…nothing at all, not even a bruise. She got up surprised that she was not hurt and hurriedly went back slowly  to her house.
Jeremiah was really upset when he heard about the spooky accident and his mother-in-law. They bought another house in another neighborhood shortly after that.

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