Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Genting Highlands Hotel – Gambling Spirits

Genting Highlands Hotel – Gambling Spirits
Many so called real-life incidents have been told my numerous customers by the customers and visitors during their accounts in Genting Highlands. Strangely this account was told by someone who did not see any ghosts, apparitions or spirits during their trip to Genting Highlands. He did encounter a somewhat strange and eerie incident during his trip to Genting Highlands more than 10 years ago.

Genting Highlands and the various Hotels

Kok Weng went to Genting Highlands together with his uncle, aunty and two of his cousins for one night staying at one of the hotels. After unpacking their luggage, Kok Weng and his two cousins went off to play at the arcade and his uncle and aunty went to try their luck at the casinos.
After a whole day at arcade and when they finished whatever little they have money, they waited for his uncle and aunty (their cousins’ parents) near the casino to come back for them. When his uncle and aunty finally showed up at night, they were quiet depressed (they lost all their money). Anyway like his uncle said chuckling, “Luck is not there”. Anyway they all went for a simple meal and after that went up to their room to sleep at their hotel.
When they woke the next morning, they were busy packing their stuff for their trip home when his uncle found something stuck on his shoe. When his uncle took off his shoe, he found a 1000 dollar chip – much more money than he or his wife normally spends.
“Must be from the Gambling Spirits” his uncle happily proclaimed and both his uncle and aunty left them at the arcade (they figured that it must be the “gambling spirits” and must settle at the casino) and went to try their luck again at the casino. After waiting the whole afternoon, both uncle and aunty came back with bright smiles. They won, in addition to the 1000 dollars, they won another 200 dollars….Yipee!
When they arrived at their home town, everybody had a meal at MacDonald’s (hooray!!!) and they even bought something for Kok Weng’s parents.
Note : A trip to Genting Highlands casino brought good luck…from the gambling spirits!


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