Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ghost at Convent School Chapel

Ghost at Convent School Chapel
This occurred when Sandra Choi was at 13 years old and living at home in Taiping, Perak. She was at the time studying at the Convent in down town in Taiping. On that day, Sandra and Sui Leng (her best friend) had finished their morning session in school. They had eaten their lunch and were waiting for the time for their afternoon school activity to begin.

Convent in the state of Perak
Feeling bored, they on a whim decided the visit the chapel in the back of the Convent. It was secluded or private place for the nuns or “sisters” which also house the nuns’ residence and strictly forbidden among the students.

The Chapel in the Convent
The girls secretly made their way to the chapel at the back of the Convent school and opened the door. Inside the chapel, the sunlight from the coloured window glass panes and there were rows of flickering candles provided a gloomy picture of the scene. 

A wooden Pew at the Chapel
As the girls made their way among the pews, the wooden benches were arranged in rows facing the altar, when Sui Leng gestured wildly to Sandra not to make any noise. At the back of the pew was a nun who was praying silently. Turning back, the girls suddenly fell and was sent sprawling and …Whoosh!....in a split second, the nun was standing over the fallen girls. The really weird part of this was that nun had no facial features…no eyebrows, eyes, nose or mouth!!! Sandra and Sui Leng were wailing and howling as they rushed out as fast as their legs will take them.
Although both Sandra and Sui Leng got into trouble with the teachers and the nuns which also dismissed any idea or notion of ghostly apparition (as expected)…..both girls were absolutely adamant that they saw the ghostly nun at the chapel.

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