Monday, October 15, 2012

First World Hotel in Genting Highlands

First World Hotel in Genting Highlands
The First World Hotel, part of the First World Complex completed in 2001, which is Malaysia’s biggest, with 4,300 rooms including the famous casino resort . It is part of the Genting Highlands Resort which also boasts of RIA apartments, Amber Court and the Theme resorts. First World Hotel like her sister resorts is infamous for its paranormal activities. The ghostly occurrences flourish may be due to the cool climate and the suicides from losses from countless customers from the casinos.

The First World Hotel in Genting Highlands
This tale is about an occurrence that happened with Selina went to First World Hotel recently. Selina Lau and her sister have book a room together with their parents as a gift for their parents’ anniversary. They had a really good time at the dinner at the hotel and they went back to their rooms to go to sleep
Selina woke up in the middle of the night and decided get a glass of cold water. She crept on tip toes silently out of her bedroom, as she did not want disturb her sister, and went to fetch her water. She did not turn on the light, as the light streaming from the curtains, when she felt so inexplicable cold and even though there is no air-con.. In the semi-darkness she saw a movement from the edge of her eye from one of the sofa and it was a blurry image on the sofa. With the light from the curtain, she could see a figure of a gaunt middle-age man sitting on the sofa who seemed lost in thoughts.
She was absolutely terrified and nearly screamed covering her mouth with her hands to stop the sound. She quickly made a hasty retreat to her bedroom where she covered herself shivering uncontrollably with the blanket.
When she was packing the next morning, when the old cleaning lady who noticed Selina’s strange behavior asked if she was alright. Tired and confused, Selina poured out the strange occurrences she saw. The old cleaning lady looking scared dropped her voice to a whisper but excited and said that it must be the old man that committed suicide in the same room two months ago!
The old cleaning lady pressed an amulet (from a Buddhist or Taoist) about her and started to chant in fear to and that hope that he will leave peacefully.
Selina was freaked out again when she heard from the cleaning lady and decided to leave Genting Highlands – maybe a home dinner for her next parents’ anniversary.


  1. fake shit,first world room DO NOT HAVE air cond!!

    1. You are right but terribly confused here. The story did not mention that the room has air-cond. It just mentioned that "she felt so inexplicable cold and even though there is no air-con." Hope you are alright now.

  2. Dear Freelancer, thank you for you colourful information. I am quite sure that the scary events related here in "First World Hotel, Genting Highlands" did not revolve around the existence or otherwise of an air-cond. I also don't see Christopher claiming that his stories are indisputable facts. I thought he was merely sharing scary tales and myths with us.

  3. dear all,
    for your info..first world hotel deluxe suite room have air cond n sofa and fridge..

  4. Wrong! I've stayed in First World Hotel's deluxe rooms countless of times. Definitely no air-con! However, there's a ceiling fan, a small fridge & sofas.

  5. true!! i have stayed there too.. no air-cond!!

  6. If First World Hotel is seriously haunted with ghosts from past occupants of the hotel rooms where the guests commited suicides due to huge losses incurred while gambling away at the casino. Just too bad man! ! it's definitely gonna frightened many new guests away from First World Hotel. This is the fact.

    So, to all concierge at First World Hotel, You guy's might witness severe losses due to ghostly encounters by many of your foreign guests who used to stay with you guy's.


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