Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gwai Zhai or Toyol

Gwai Zhai or Toyol

A college student has a terrifying encounter with a ‘child ghost’ (or commonly known as gwai zhai or toyol).

Mei Lei rented a room at a rented house with her friends for her studies at TAR University College at Kampar, Perak. When she got back to her place there was nobody there as her friends were still in campus. Feeling a bit tired she wanted to go for a shower followed with a nap.

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The feeling in the house gave her the freaks…it was like so eerie and lifeless. Nevertheless she up to her room to get her clothes for the shower. When she was showering she thought she heard giggling and she thought it couldn’t be her friends back so early. So she yelled up and to say that she was in the shower but there was no answer.

Mei Lei quickly finished showering put her clothes on and went to the down to the ground floor to look for her friends. When she got there nobody was around and thought she must be mistaken and must look foolish. She reluctantly went back to her bedroom deciding on a good nap before dinner.

However she was shocked and horrified when she went into her room, there were patches of water everywhere – on the floor, on the walls and even on the ceiling! She was really stunned, she rushed off to a nearby shop and waited for her friends to come back.

The next morning, they brought a medium to bless the entire house. The medium said it was a child ghost and he died a long time ago. Mei Lei and her friends made some offerings and she hoped that they can leave peacefully together. 

There were no disturbances after that.

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