Saturday, May 25, 2013

Century Mahkota Hotel, Melaka – Haunted?

Century Mahkota Hotel, Melaka – Haunted?
Two “aunties” visited Century Mahkota Hotel as part of their vacation but were stumped but the unexplained and unnatural events from the hotel.

Century Mahkota Hotel (now rename Mahkota Hotel Melaka) is located at Mahkota Parade shopping mall and is walking distance from the historical site of A’Formosa.  Melaka is one of the oldest towns in Malaysia, where tales, myths and legends are commonplace in contrast to ultra sleek modern facilities of buildings in the latest developments.

Logo of the Century Mahkota Hotel in Melaka

Sam Yong and his sister, Geraldine and brother-in-law wanted to surprise their mother and their aunty Tai Yee to a vacation to Melaka. Although the 3 of them did not have the time with their busy schedules, they were determined to send both their mother and their aunty for the trip.

Sam’s and Geraldine’s mother and aunty were excited after they check in to the Century Mahkota Hotel and in their room. They quickly unpacked luggage and happily off they went to their sightseeing trips and shopping at the malls. 

When they finally came back to their room, they were surprised to find the luggage or bags have been moved or shifted from their room. All their stuff was there but their stuff were in a different location in their room. They also heard the sound of water from the tap in the bathroom – someone left the tap on. 

Extremely angry and annoyed they march to the reception counter to complain. The night manager apologetic but explained that he could not moved to another room as the hotel was filled up. Both of them reluctantly went back to their room after giving them hell.

On the 2nd night, both Sam’s mother and aunty were busy chit-chatting before they went off to bed. They had a single beds separated by narrow gap, when Sam’s mother woke up in the middle of the night. Her blanket was completely pulled down from her body and she was annoyed  thinking no wonder she was feeling so cold. Before she could pull back her blanket, she heard a jingling sound under her feet. Sam’s mother wore a anklet chain in one of her ankle and the jingling sound was coming from there! 

She tried to pretend to be asleep but the jingling sound would not go off. Finally she jumped off her bed and hastily got into Sam’s aunty bed. She then turn the lamplight on by that time Sam’s aunt was frightened out of her sleep. After explaining what had happen, both of them huddled together waiting for dawn.

They both took the first bus to their home town.


  1. We just came back from Makhota Malacca. I think we stay Blk 1 823. We had some problem with the main door. We try half an hour with 4 cards tested ok at the reception but could not open the door. After we were ready to leave, the door just open by itself. And yes, like the aunties above I also experience the running of water and man in the bathroom. We were supposed to be the only occupant on that 3 level.

  2. Wow!...I really believe there is something wrong with the place. Tq very much 4 the info.


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