Friday, May 10, 2013

Part-Time Ghost Hunters 2

Part-Time Ghost Hunters 2

A continuation from “Part-Time Ghost Hunters” with a spooky story from Polly and Benjamin.

Polly Teoh and Benjamin Liew are friends with Tommie, who is my neighbours’ son. Some younger people seemed to be so fascinated or interested about the existence of the afterlife. Benjamin have gone with friends to a few vacant and abandoned buildings except for frightening themselves silly over the incidents, Benjamin admits they have not actually seen anything. However there was an incident that Lucas, his elder brother, and his friends were involved. 

In that particular incident, Lucas and his friends, went at night after work to a haunted bungalow in Kajang in Selangor. By the time they finally found the place it was already after 1am. It was an old vacant abandoned bungalow and was overflowing with overgrown weeds. The 5 of them were thrilled and excited as they walked with their torchlights, their cameras and their special equipments towards the abandoned bungalow. 

When got to the living room, it was deserted with overgrown weeds and rubbish everywhere and they made their way slowly to the ground floor. I was a moonless night and everything was pitched dark when to the staircase to the bedrooms at the first floor of the house. When they went to the next room, it must be a child’s room as there were broken dolls lying everywhere. Lydia, one of Lucas’s friends, whispered softly that she feel cold. Looking around they found a particular spot in the bedroom that was extremely icy-cold, a cold spot (some people believe that a cold spot is where the spirit is). They took numerous photos with their camera phones hoping to capture an apparition or at least an orb.

A Digital Voice Recorder – EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)

The 5 friends then adjourned to what looks like the master bedroom and a few of them felt the “bulus” on their bodies especially on their arms as it was so cold. A startled Halim suddenly screamed, “Siapa tu?” (translation – who’s that) when a male voice shriek out, “Keluar” (translation – Get Out!). Lucan who was holding the voice recorder looked at his friends who was equally shocked and terrified – “oh my mama….” shouted one of them as they tore through the staircase and out of the darken abandoned bungalow. They were too frightened and horrified to say anything at all as they sped in their car to Petaling Jaya.

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