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Ghosts, Hantus & Djinns

Ghosts, Hantus & Djinns

There are countless of ordinary people in their everyday lives who have encountered paranormal or supernatural incidents whether they are called ghosts, hantus or djinns. People who have the “3rd eyes” (ying yang eyes) who have the ability and can sense the presence of the spirits around them or can even see the afterlife or the undead.  From the numerous haunting of buildings (government buildings, schools and houses) to the shrieking howls of Pontianak at nights and the unexplained and frightening incidents of Genting – do they exist?

Hantu Pucong

The first incident involved the mysterious and the existence of a “doppelganger”. Kang came to the office very early at 5.10am as he had to submit a report to his boss. He walk to his office and turned the lights on and he was surprised to see his colleague, Jageet Singh, at his cubicle at the building. Kang thought that Jageet must be having problems with his house as he was staring at the wall on his chair, seeming lost in thoughts.

Kang was too busy as he got into his assignment for his boss. He got most of his work done and he felt hungry and decided to go for his breakfast at a coffee shop before 8am where everybody starts work. As he was rushing for the elevator, he looked at Jageet at his chair and he decided leave him alone.
Half way eating his ‘roti kosong’ he was surprised to find Jageet happily rushing to work. Kang waved at Jageet to join him and said, “Working so early, having problems with your wife again?” Jageet looked puzzled and said “Huh?... what are you talking about?..I just got in”.

The second story is about a haunted house that Vincent rented together with his wife. Everything was fine until they noticed a translucent and hazy shadow-like darting about their house especially at nights. Vincent and his wife would see the shadowy apparition in the dining room, bedroom and in the garden itself! They visited a Taoist monk about the strange apparition. Taoist monk then said it was a former owner of the house and he was extremely that they are staying there. Vincent and his wife offered prayers and food, saying that they will be leaving there only temporarily while they get their own house ready. Please let them to live in peace in the rented house.

There were no other strange or eerie incidents or apparition after that.

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