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Haunted House in Kluang, Johor

Haunted House in Kluang, Johor

A young boy and his family encountered many freaky and scary incidents at their rented old house in Kluang, Johor.

Kluang town is approximately about 100 km from the state capital of Johor Baru in Johor. It have a combined population of 300,000 residents of Malay, Chinese, Indians and other races. During the second World War, the Japanese army invaded the country including the town of Kluang. In fact, the airfield was used by the Japanese to attack Singapore in their campaigns. 

Map of Johor state (including Kluang)

Walter Neoh and his family lived in a rented old bungalow in Kluang. Since his father used to work the company he did not have much choice to rent out from the company. The old bungalow was not in a good position as there were a lot of accidents, cars and motorbikes, happen regularly.

The first encounter was when his mother was resting in the evening when she heard a child laughing happily in the ground floor of her house. Who get that be, Walter’s mother mumbled, as she got up and she went downstairs. She could hear the childish giggling of a young child from the storeroom which was bedside the kitchen. “Who is that?” Walter mum’s asked as she walked to the storeroom. When she finally got to the room, there was totally silent and nobody was there. She later asked the kids and her husband but they insisted they did not bring any kids to their house. 

The next incident was at night, when Walter and his parents went for dinner with their relatives. Walter’s sister, Elaine, did not follow them for dinner as she busy studying for an exam at her classmate’s house. Elaine went back to her house together with classmate and friend, Sheila, to pickup some stuff that she left in the living room. Elaine turned on the light from the living room and Sheila was just looking around the room. Except for the light or lamp from the living room the rest of the house was practically in darkness. From the corner of her eyes, Sheila noticed a figure of a man squatting at the top of the staircase. The man eventually went to the other room. Sheila was horrified and speechless and when Elaine asked her what was wrong – Sheila could only point to the location on top of the stairs and asked if anybody was in the stairs. Elaine was quiet frightened but she told Sheila that that both her parents and brother were out!

Although there was a lot of strange encounters from that house, Walter experienced himself an eerie incident late at night. It was after his exams and he did not have to go to school, so he was busy playing with his games on the computer. At about 3.30am he decided to go to sleep and he brush his teeth in the bathroom near his room. As he was brushing his teeth, he suddenly heard people stomping around and he looked up, from the half opened window from the bathroom to the garden, he was puzzled to see that people were marching in the garden. He was confused and puzzled there were in some military uniforms and marching together. While looking down he noticed that one of the uniformed men suddenly turned around and looked directly at him – yeech!  he was faceless!

Walter had heard some neighbours talking about the old bungalow, that it was a spirits portal where the afterlife gather, which accounts for the diverse and different entities. Whether that is true or not, Walter was glad that his family eventually moved after a few years out to their own house.


  1. Can you kindly please post the address of the house,maybe the address without the unit number?hope to see your respond post asap.thank you

  2. Hi Anonymous, My friend refused to let me what the exact address...sorry

  3. Do you have a picture of the house


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