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Christianity – Miracle Cure

Christianity – Miracle Cure

A miraculous tale from a Malaysian Christian about her personal experience about her daughter’s remarkable cure.

According to consensus Christians make up over 10 % of the Malaysian population. They consist of Catholics, Methodist, Protestants, Calvary Church and other Christian groups in this country. I am a lapsed Christian (at least for now) simply because I am not able understand some of their teachings. Anyway back to my story about her personal experience.

This happened in the town of Kulai in the state of Johor. Pei Yin is in her late twenties and she was heartbroken and with grief to learn that a five-year old daughter was diagnosed with a blood disorder. She desperately visited other western doctors and even traditional medicines but nothing work. Pei Yin was shattered and cried but only when her daughter is not around as did not want to frighten her.

One night Pei Yin was sleeping in bed lying with her daughter close to her, numb and frighten she fell to an uneasy sleep. In her dream, a woman and a man dressed in robes and they both smiled at her and at then at the sleeping girl. The lady then sat on the bed near her daughter who was sleeping beside Pei Yin. This dream happened every night for 3 whole nights, the same dream, until the lady on the 3rd night gently whispered to Pei Ying that everything was alright.

When Pei Ying woke up the next morning she found that her daughter was alright – no fever, no pain, her daughter was absolutely cured. Even the doctors at the hospital were shocked at the recovery.

Two weeks passed since the recovery, Pei Ying and her daughter hurried over to a neighbour’s house, to bring her and her husband some home cooked meal. Her neighbour went to the kitchen insisting of giving some drinks and biscuits to Pei Ying and her little daughter. While the little girl was playing, Yee Ping casually looked around the living room when she noticed a portrait of a woman and a man at the altar. She was stunned!

Portrait of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ

When the neighbour got back with her drinks and biscuits, she was puzzled and surprised to find Pei Ying starring at the portrait. Worried the neighbour asked if everything is alright. Pei Ying was so shocked that she could only mumble, “Its them…the same couple from the dreams!”.  The neighbour was surprised that the couple Pei Ying identified was actually the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

Pei Ying and her family became Christians shortly after that.

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  1. If I experience such miracle I would convert too and not only that I will go preaching the whole world over for when you've seen the truth what is there in the world left to interest you?


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