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Old Changi Hospital in Singapore

Old Changi Hospital in Singapore

Dereck youthful and real-life experiences about Old Changi Hospital probably the most haunted building in island of the republic of Singapore.

Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital in Singapore is one of the republic’s most infamous scariest haunted buildings. During World War II, Japan invaded Singapore, Malaya and several neighbouring countries.  The Japanese invaded Singapore and they made Changi Hospital as the headquarters where thousands of lives were killed by the atrocities by the brutality of the Japanese. Ironically, after the war the Japanese themselves were executed. During the 1950s Changi became a public hospital but was eventually abandoned in 1997. There are thousands of stories where by the public have they claimed that they have seen the ghosts of the victims and even the gory images Japanese soldiers!

Andreas Chan lives in Singapore and is in Kuala Lumpur to attend the Media Conference, I met up for lunch with her. She talked about the usual gossips and she mentioned she with her went with her friend to see the movie, “Haunted Changi” which was released in 2010. In fact, she together several times with 3 of her friends went in her younger days when to Old Changi Hospital. 

They climbed over the fences and sneaked in to the 1st and 2nd floor which was left wide opened. They went to the toilets with the doors opened and the mirrors were left facing them. It was really scary and eerie looking at the reflection in mirror. They then proceeded to the mortuary when they smelly something funny…probably the lingering smell of disinfectants. She admitted that they were young and wanted to explore the place...basically where curiosity overcame fear.

However there was a particular incident in the old hospital when Andreas was with her friend in the 2nd floor and the other two were walking around the first floor. They heard a long bang as if someone was playing at the bottom of ceiling of the first floor – their 2nd floor. Thinking it must be their two friends playing the fool, Andreas and her friend stomp their feet on the floor and was greeted with another loud bang. They laughingly went down to the 1st floor only to find their friends were not there (later they found out they were in another room exploring). They shock to realize the first floor is very high for someone to banging on the ceiling!

After they have left, a friend mentioned that she heard a voice complaining in Hokkien, that they were making too much noise but there were no people there except for the 4 of them!

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