Friday, May 17, 2013

Raintree Club – haunted?

Raintree Club – haunted?
A young girl was horrified about her strange and eerie encounters with her family.

The Raintree Club in Kuala Lumpur was set up in 1983. It was located just about 10 minutes from the city centre.

Raintree Club in KL

Melinda aged 11 years old came with her elder sister Linda together with her parents to have dinner one night at the club. It was a Thursday night and her mother did not feel like cooking that night and they decided to have their meal at the club instead. 

When they had order their meal at the coffeehouse, Melinda had to go to the restroom to do her business. They were not many members as it was after 10pm and it was a working day. The female restroom was located at a narrow corridor close to the reception area which was closed at the club. 

They were no people at the ladies’ toilet when Melinda walked in and she quickly got into a cubicle. While she was doing her business, she heard someone entering the toilet. She breathes a sigh of relief and thinking at least someone is there. She hurriedly finished with her cubicle and started washing her hands at the row of basins. She glanced at the restroom but nobody was there and she looked at the rows of cubicles which were left partially opened but there was no there was nobody there either. Melinda was surprised as she had clearly heard someone entering the restroom.

She continued washing her hands and at the same time looked at the restroom at the corner beside the window, she saw an almost transparent hazy image like a mirage shaped like a figure of a human – eeeek! Totally freaked out Melinda screamed and scrambled as fast as she can out from the restroom to the corridor where she saw her elder sister, Linda, walking rapidly towards her. Melinda started wailing to Linda that there was something in the restroom – and Linda rushed to the restroom before Melinda could stop her. Melinda was extremely frightened and she begged Linda to come back but there was no response from her sister. Melinda was worried that something was worried that Linda had not come back from the toilet and she ran like a hysterical girl to her parents at the coffeehouse.

To her amazement and shocked she saw Linda and her parents there happily drinking , Melinda stammered to Linda, “How come you are here!...” Melinda was absolutely dumbfounded to hear that Linda was with her parents all along.

After her parents and Linda calmed her down, Melinda managed to relate her eerie account of what actually happened!


  1. The Royal Lake Club in KL was set up in 1890, Yes, Eighteen Nighty, (Satu Lapan Sembilan Kosong) and it has never been haunted.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Must do some research...

  3. I am a member of royal lake club in kl and still do eventhou based in pg.the male toilet facing the pool is very creepy for a 10yer old.

  4. hi Tee Ivan, scary but according to a reader, it is not haunted.


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