Friday, November 23, 2012

Suicide in Universiti Hostel

Suicide in Universiti Hostel
For Haida living in a local Universiti with the work load from her studies and new course mates was extremely ideal, however she did not expect the hostel was haunted.
Haida was finally accepted to Swinburne University of Technology in Kuching, Sarawak. She was living in the University hostel and she looked forward to the time with her friend, Lila which shares a room with her. However, Lila had to leave temporarily to attend her cousin’s wedding.

Hostel in the University
She was in her room at the hostel at about 1am trying to complete her assignments that was due the next day. Taking a break for her work, she noticed a strong overpowering scent (like perfume) coming from the room. Opening the windows near her bed to get some fresh air, she casually looked look through the cool night air.
Suddenly she saw somebody fall from the window followed by a crashing sound. Temporarily paralyzed with fear she somehow managed to look at the ground floor but there was nobody there. Thinking deep breaths to calm herself and saying it was only her imagination when suddenly she saw the same scene again…someone falling followed by another loud crashing sound…Thud!
Terrified and totally speechless, she again looked at the bottom of her window…and once again there was nothing there except an empty ground. Before she can compose herself, she saw a girl fling herself to her death…and again a loud Thud! sound.
Trembling and shaking with fright, Haida ran from her room to her friends’ place. She hurriedly told her friends what had happened. She absolutely refused to go back to her room but instead spend, with the lights on, in her friends’ room.
They found out from a caretaker, that a couple of years ago a girl after she failed in her exam, climbed and jumped off the roof to her death.
Note: Some people believe that those who have committed suicide will replay their last ghastly scenes over and over again.

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