Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hungry Ghost Month’s Lift Incident

Hungry Ghost Month’s Lift Incident
Hungry Ghost Month is celebrated by people and those especially by those who are exceptionally are afraid of being disturbed by wandering ghosts.
The Hungry Ghost Month is held on the 14th day of the seventh lunar month (in August or September) every year. During this month, it is believed the king of hell opens the gates of hell to allow ghosts to visit the living world. It is the only time of year that ghosts are released to freely roam the Earth.

A Hungry Ghost Festival Celebration
Note : The photo above shows the  empty chairs, which are reserved for the death.
Murali who works in Malaysia has gone for a month long holiday to his hometown in Hyderbad, India. Meeting with his mother, siblings and other relatives, he had a good reunion with them and with his childhood friends.
 When he finally got back at 1am, he took a cab to Taman Nirwana in Kuala Lumpur where he is staying at a small rented flat. While waiting for the lifts he noticed that a young woman was also waiting. The woman was standing in front of him and she seemed to be preoccupied with somebody at her mobile phone.

The Lift at the Flat

At long last the lift arrived the young girl went in first whereas Murali had to lugged his baggage. After grabbing his luggage, Murali was astonished and slightly confused when he realized that he was alone in the lift, the woman was not there. Turning his head, he quickly looked at the empty block and found it deserted - nobody was around she has disappeared, due to the late (or early) hour of the night. Scare and frightened by the incident he hurriedly grabbed his belongings for the lift and left.
He spent the remaining night by himself at the nearby children’s playground till morning. Murali was later told by an old Chinese lady that it was the celebration of Chinese Hungry Ghost Month, and the old Chinese lady warned that everybody must be careful of wandering spirits.
Murali still live in his flat but he does not take the lift anymore – whether it is day or night!


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