Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grandpa’s Passing

Grandpa’s Passing
A little boy’s memorable but spooky recollections about his grandpa’s passing.
When Chew San was 8 years old, his mother warned him and his sister to play quietly as their grandfather was not feeling well and he was resting. After dinner on the same day, his parents, Chew San and his younger were watching TV. During a TV commercial, Chew San went to look for his toy car which was at the bottom of the couch.
When he looked up, there was an ‘unclear’ person walking towards the entrance of their case. Then the person looked up, before walking up the staircase, and he smile at Chew San – it was Uncle Jun, his father’s younger brother. Trembling with excitement he rushed back and told them that he saw Uncle Jun. His father smacked the side of his head and his mother gave him a scowl, “You know Uncle Jun is dead”. Stunned by the blow, Chew San protested that he really saw his uncle and pointed at the black and white portrait photo which shows his grandfather, Chew San’s father and Uncle Jun. Chew San’s mother upset she angrily told him to keep quiet and stop telling lies.

A week after that, Chew San’s grandfather passed away. Chew San’s father being the eldest son was in charge of the burial ceremony in addition of receiving condolences from relatives and close friends.
One night, 7 days from the date of his grandpa’s death, their family dog, Ah Lan, was barking at the outside porch at a rocking chair, which his grandpa used to sit.  Chew San’s mother went to scold Ah Lan but the dog will not stop but continue to whine.

A Black Moth – signifying a dead person is back
Chew San saw a Black Moth flying in the Living Room, than rested on the wall. The Moth was there for a long time before it finally flew away. Chew San looked at his mother, who was also engrossed with the Moth, and he said that grandpa is back to visit us. His mother can only quietly nod her head.
I believe that certain religion believe that a Black Moth means that the ghost or spirit is back for a final farewell.

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