Thursday, November 22, 2012

Strange Occurrences at Relatives’ House

Strange Occurrences at Relatives’ House
Girl finds strange and spooky occurrences at her relatives’ house.
Almost every school holidays Malliga will visit with her uncle, aunty and her cousins at their home at Taman Seafield at Subang Jaya. Her relatives stay at a corner lot of a double storey link house in this residential area.

Photo of Taman Seafield, Subang Jaya in Selangor
During that time, Malliga and her relatives had heard or even seen numerous encounters of spooky or unexplained incidents.
For example, Mallinga herself saw a black figure dash into her cousin’s bedroom and thinking it was her cousin brother, she rushed into the bedroom and…there was nobody there! She has also heard from Kavita, who is 9 years old, the same age as Malliga, she has personally witnessed a grey apparition in the kitchen.

The most eerie encounter was told by her relatives. When Shanti, who is Malliga’s eldest cousin was still living there, her favourite toy was Kermit the Frog (from the Muppet show, I think). Since Shanti was now taking a nursing professional course in another state, Kermit the Frog was placed on top of a bedroom cupboard.

Kermit the Frog
There were several times, when Malliga’s aunty found the toy of Kermit the Frog happily sitting the sofa in the Living Room downstairs with the TV on! The kids adamantly denied they had anything to do with him but were equally shocked and puzzled about that.
Mallinga’s aunty finally donated the Kermit the Frog to some charity bazaar (wondered did they witnessed any weird or eerie incidents).

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