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Life as a Hospital Technician

Life as a Hospital Technician
Working as a Hospital Technician, Subramaniam realizes it is not the most sought after job but to him it is one of the most important in terms of saving lives and getting used to death. Over the years, he has experience numerous real-life and true accounts of unnatural and unexplained incidents.
Subramaniam  had worked as a government Hospital Technician for more than 23 years in numerous Government hospitals. Unfortunately he refused to name the hospitals that he has worked partly due to confidentially reasons.

A General Hospital in Malaysia
According to Subramaniam, all hospitals have a particular lift or elevator which leads from the hospital wards to the mortuary. People in this lift generally feel extreme unease, a sense of something is terribly wrong. This is quite common and understandable.
He has gotten used to strange sounds from the restrooms and toilets, people crying at night etc after so many years as a Hospital Technician. However he recalls 2 personal incidents which stand in his mind.

The first incident, when at certain nights, a ghostly vision of nurses were seen walking together, as if rushing off (dressed in old uniform). He has been advised, when he first started out, that such appearance of apparitions were common. He was told that people should carry on with their work and pretend that the apparitions did not exist.

A nurse with a patient (with old fashion uniform)
In another case, during heavy thunderstorms a boy was seen crying at a certain ward. The ghostly boy would squat and wail continuously.
Note : Some believe that residual or left over energy from past memories.
“They were once humans”, he declared, “and everyone should leave them alone. Maybe with time, their memories will slowly fade away”.

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