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Haunted House in Melaka

Haunted House in Melaka
It was a really tough year for Desmond who had lost in father in 1998 and had to move to a new house which was haunted.
Desmond Kong was only 16 years when his father passed away due to a car accident, leaving his mother, younger sister and grandmother (his father’s mother) to carry on. The insurance left by his father were hardly adequate for the family and his mother had to rent a cheaper house for the whole to family to live in. 

Desmond’s rented house in Melaka

Since moving to the new rented house, there were numerous incidents of eerie and strange happenings. Out of the many incidents, the 3 most spooky and mysterious encounters are:
1st Incident
Late at night when Desmond’s grandmother had to go to the toilet to pee. Upon coming back to the bedroom she shared with her granddaughter, when she saw that the bed was slowly floating. Her granddaughter was on the mattress swaying gently, was fast and soundly asleep.  His grandmother was not too bothered as she had these things before when she was a young girl living in rural countryside in Melaka.
2nd Incident
His mother was in the house in the afternoon when she heard a loud Thud! sound. She rushed to the kitchen she saw blood spattered on the floor. When her daughter hurried to her mother’s side she found the kitchen floor neat and span.
Some people believe that those who possess the “Third Eye” can see the supernatural or spirit world.
They however heard from their neighbours that the previous tenant was a drunkard when he committed suicide in that house. He was a violent man especially when he drank and he would savagely beat his wife and children.
3rd Incident
Desmond’s mother decided to move to another place for the sake of the children. On the day of the move, they found an old rag doll at the top entrance of their front door. The family had to walk underneath the rag doll at the top of the door to get outside of that house. Desmond’s heart was furiously pounding when he walk through the front door.
Over time the family had improved tremendously, although Desmond’s grandmother has passed away. Desmond is successful stock broker and is married with 3 kids and stays with his mother. Her sister is in a local University in Pahang and comes back regularly.

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