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Budget Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Budget Hotel in Kuala Lumpur
Mei Yoke and her parents went to a budget hotel for a relative wedding in the 1990s in Kuala Lumpur. She encountered a strange and spooky experience while staying in the hotel which was located in Jalan Pudu in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
In that particular in incident, Mei Yoke and her parents were there to celebrate her father’s cousin’s wedding in Kuala Lumpur. Her parents sell vegetables at the market and they supplement their income by growing vegetables in the little plot of land that they own.
They stayed at the hotel in the city for two nights and three days.  They took the express bus and then took a taxi to the budget hotel. They had 1 room which was shared by Mei Yoke and her parents. It was in the 2nd floor of the hotel and the room was small but the linen was faded but clean.

Budget Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

They then rushed to Mei Yoke’s cousin’s place, where they met with the rest of the relatives (uncles, aunties and cousins). They finally got back to the hotel after dinner at around 11.30am.  Mei Yoke’s mum was unpacking their bags and Mei Yoke decided to go take a shower. The bathroom was at the end of the dark dimly lit corridor away from their room.

The Corridor leading to the common bathroom

When she was bathing and shampooing her hair, she noticed a very cold air all around her as if somebody had left the opened the bathroom door. Peering desperately with shampoo in her eyes she barely could see that the bathroom door which was locked. All of a suddenly she felt a hand briefly on a top portion of her naked shoulder. Shock she quickly squatted down trying to grab her towel while yelling, “Who is that?” However she did see anyone as she hurriedly dressed and rushed to her parents’ room.
A distraught Mei Yoke quickly told her parents about her bathroom incident and her mother rushed to her and asked if she was alright. Her father did not believe her and said it was just her wild imagination. Her father did check the bathroom and expected it was empty.
The next morning, Mei Yoke and her parents took a taxi to Mei Yoke’s cousin house where they spend an entire day. They got very late at 2 am to the hotel where Mei Yoke and her mother was packing their belongings for the trip back to their home.
At about 3.30am when they were about to sleep they heard a man and a woman cheerfully talking outside their bedroom. They were uttered surprised when heard the sound of someone trying to open doorknob…. their doorknob! Mei Yoke’s mother quickly woke up her husband, who was soundly asleep, and he grumbled but went finally to the door to the bedroom but he did not find anybody.
When they finally manage find a taxi to take them to Puduraya (the Bus Stand) they were busy putting their luggage in the taxi cab. The Mei Yoke and her mother were talking about the strange incidents at the hotel and the taxi man just said, looking at that room of the hotel said, “That room is well known to be haunted, the dead man is really crazy about women”
Mei Yoke and her mother were so glad to confirm that was something was wrong with the hotel and they definitely swore they would not be going to the hotel again.

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