Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trip to Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club Resort

Trip to Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club Resort
Awana Genting Resort is one of the group of companies by Genting Highlands Resort and reputed by many to be the most haunted in Malaysia! Maybe it is because of the suicides that had taken place from gambling (Genting Highlands is the Mecca of these activities), whereas some people believe that it is the location – just a “bad area”
Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club Resort is a 27-storey hotel with a 304-room tower that gives guests an extensive view of the lovely 18-hole golf course and beyond.

View of Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club Resort
Don Ho tells me at that time, when he checked in to the Awana Genting Resort he was attending a seminar for a few day. When he left after dinner with some colleagues, it was already 11 pm. After a quick shower he went to bed.
When he woke up a few hours later he found it unbelievable cold, he could even see his breath from his nose and mouth. Turn the night lamp from his bedroom he realized his blanket was missing. However he finally found the missing blanket, it was lying sprawling at the bottom corner at the bedroom door. Although he found it strange to find his blanket at the bottom of his bedroom, he was groggy and just retrieved it and felt soundly asleep (he must be brave or too tired).
Bedroom of Avana Genting Resort
The next day Don Ho was busy with the seminar and by the time it was after 12am and he was so tired that he felt asleep.He was suddenly woken up when he saw of an outline of a face of someone just beside his bed! He had a shock..Wahlau!...he scrambled over his bed! From the light from the bedroom window, he saw that it was a woman beside his bed and she looked very angry – actually ferocious looking. Before he could say anything…the woman disappeared! Omg!
When enquire about changing his room the next morning with the Support Services staff, he quietly and politely (if rude, he will probably get a curt reply!) the story or history about his present room. At first she was reluctant to talk about it but finally said that a woman committed suicide due to a broken affair….and guests have complained about seeing strange and eerie things in the room! She added that the management will not let the room be used unless there have no vacancy!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life as a Hospital Technician

Life as a Hospital Technician
Working as a Hospital Technician, Subramaniam realizes it is not the most sought after job but to him it is one of the most important in terms of saving lives and getting used to death. Over the years, he has experience numerous real-life and true accounts of unnatural and unexplained incidents.
Subramaniam  had worked as a government Hospital Technician for more than 23 years in numerous Government hospitals. Unfortunately he refused to name the hospitals that he has worked partly due to confidentially reasons.

A General Hospital in Malaysia
According to Subramaniam, all hospitals have a particular lift or elevator which leads from the hospital wards to the mortuary. People in this lift generally feel extreme unease, a sense of something is terribly wrong. This is quite common and understandable.
He has gotten used to strange sounds from the restrooms and toilets, people crying at night etc after so many years as a Hospital Technician. However he recalls 2 personal incidents which stand in his mind.

The first incident, when at certain nights, a ghostly vision of nurses were seen walking together, as if rushing off (dressed in old uniform). He has been advised, when he first started out, that such appearance of apparitions were common. He was told that people should carry on with their work and pretend that the apparitions did not exist.

A nurse with a patient (with old fashion uniform)
In another case, during heavy thunderstorms a boy was seen crying at a certain ward. The ghostly boy would squat and wail continuously.
Note : Some believe that residual or left over energy from past memories.
“They were once humans”, he declared, “and everyone should leave them alone. Maybe with time, their memories will slowly fade away”.