Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ghostly Shadows

Ghostly Shadows
The brothers were having a good time at their uncle’s condominium until they saw looming spooky shadows on the walls.

Azmien and his brother together with his parents visited his uncle’s condominium at Kota Kinabalu in the state of Sabah. It was a weekend and they spent the whole weekend at his uncle’s place.

While his parents were busy talking with his uncle, Azmien and his brother went down to the playground near to his uncle’s condominium. Their mother came to the playground to remind them to go for their showers as it was getting late. Azmien and his brother were reluctantly packing their toys, they heard the sound of voices of several kids fighting and laughing and playing. It was nearly 7 pm and they looked about the playground but they did not see any kids. Azmien’s brother looked puzzled but Azmien decided that the kids must be around and decided to back to their uncle’s condominium as it was getting late.

His uncle took all of them for a dinner treat at a nearby restaurant. When they finally got to their uncle’s condominium, their mother got to change in their pajamas and ready for bed.  They got all the bed and were busy playing (more like addicted) to their PS4, when they heard the faint sound of the other kids – and it was coming from their bedroom!

They quickly looked around and saw the dark shadows of a group of children playing on the bedroom wall. Shocked they look at each other and the curtain which was firmly shut or closed. 

Shadows of the Bedroom Wall

They were in total silence and frightened wondering where the shadows were coming from and then dashed out of the room screaming!....hantu!!!

When they have stopped screaming and yelling they manage to tell their parents about the spooky shadows. Their parents and uncle went with them but there were no shadows on the wall.
Both Azmien and his brother insisted on sleeping with their parents during their weekend stay at the condominium. His uncle said that he had an uneasy feeling about that place and he eventually moved to another place.

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