Friday, December 7, 2012

Ghostly Crying Lady

GhostlyCrying Lady
A bitter and sad tale about the ghostly entity in Peggy’s house.
Peggy Ng goes to local College in Kuala Lumpur and she lives with her parents and her younger sister. One night, her parents went for out for some dinner function and she was watching a TV program, “Ghost Whisperer” with her younger sister. The door bell rang and reluctantly Peggy decided to open the front door since her sister was so engrossed with the show. The dim illumination from the porch light showed there was nobody there. “Ehh? What is going on?” as Peggy wondered out loud. Then a gust of cold air blew from the lane into their porch, Peggy shivered and angry at the same time thinking it must be the neighbor kids playing with their door bell.
The TV show was almost over, when the two of them heard somebody singing. It was an old traditional Chinese love song and it sounded that it was coming from their own house. Peggy and her sister looked with a puzzled faces, Peggy’s sister commented, “It can’t be the neighbours” (their neighbour’s family were Indians). Peggy nonchalantly shrugged but did not give further thought to it. 
A couple of weeks later at +2am when Peggy was studying for examinations, she went down stairs to the kitchen for a drink. She heard a whimpering sound as if someone was crying from the toilet next to the kitchen. Looking through the empty toilet door she was shocked to see a shadowy apparition of a woman who was squatting and crying. Astounded she quickly grabbed her fingers into her mouth, to stop herself from making any sound. Then she finally crept to her bedroom up stairs!
When Peggy was with her mother at a shopping mall they accidentally met a neighbor auntie, she said that a woman and her husband used to stay at that house. The husband left with other woman and the wife was so distraught and heartbroken that she took her life. The dead woman was found in the toilet beside the kitchen!
As Peggy and her family were Christians, they brought in a pastor to bless the entire house. The house at the moment seemed fine except that once in a while, late at night, they can still hear a woman crying.

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