Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ghostly Holiday to Kulai, Johor

Ghostly Holiday to Kulai, Johor
Four friends took a trip at a rental apartment in Kulai, in Johor. Where they sense an unnatural presence in the apartment…
Kulai is a small town in the state of Johor in Malaysia. Mandy Chew, her boyfriend Justine together with their friends, Sue and Joe drove to Kulai. The four of them decided to spend a few days at an apartment that they had rented.

Rented apartment in Kulai, Johor

When they finally arrived at that particular place and taking their bags from their car, they were puzzled that there were sounds of clicking and clacking like as if somebody were playing mahjong (a tradition game by the Chinese usually by 4 people). There were also human sounds of people talking excitably as if they were in mahjong session.

Manjong Set
We were lost, thinking maybe we got the wrong address and we checked the address again. However we the address was correct and we just at each other in surprise. Jim knocked on the front door when there was absolutely silence. Justine was getting a bit angry and rapped at the door, saying and asking us why nobody is answering. We did not get an answer so the guys to open the door and we found that it was empty. There was nobody around – empty. We were just convinced ourselves that we must have heard the noise from the other neighbours within other blocks.

The next day, after they had brought back food for lunch their apartment. Mandy was not feeling very well as she had a headache (a migraine-severe headache) and she told the rest to go out without her. In fact she just wanted to take a shower and take a nap. After the rest have left to go to town, Mandy went to take a shower. After she was done as she was reaching the bathroom door, she heard that sound. Sounds of people playing on a mahjong set, together with sound of people talking happily.
Mandy wondered her friends are back and she could not understand the sound of mahjong playing. She quickly unlocked the bathroom door and went out…but it was there nobody there and no sound! When Mandy’s friends arrived back at the apartment, she told them about the incident. Once again, they thought it must be the residents at the apartments.

The next morning as they were leaving after unlocking the front door, they just about to leave with their baggage, when they heard the familiar sound from their apartment. The sound of mahjong set…with that clicking and clacking sound…and people happily chatting.

The four of them were looking at themselves with eyes wide, looking surprised and shocked, they then hurriedly walked away! What a ghostly holiday they had!

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