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Haunted Merlin Subang Hotel

Haunted Merlin Subang Hotel
Many people in the construction industry are familiar with experiences of spooky and eerie happenings in this sector.
This happened many years ago during the construction of a hotel in the 1980s. One of my brother who was working then as a supervisor for a project, the Merlin Subang Hotel, in Subang Jaya, Selangor. 

Map of Merlin Subang Hotel

Ah Keong was one of guys involve in the tiling works and he was working at the bathroom area. He was lying down face upwards to get to tiles. As he working, by himself, he noticed a blurry image at the corner of his eye. Shutting and blinking his eyes, he was terror-stricken when an image of a partial apparition who was standing on top of him! He screamed and tried to back away from the apparition. The blurry apparition of a man and he looked angry, just starring angrily at Ah Keong…. When the rest of the workers arrived at the bathroom location, then found Ah Keong huddled in the corner with his arms and legs tug close to his chest, in a fetal position and sobbing. When Ah Keong had sufficiently recovered, he stormed out of that place, screaming and yelling that he will not work at the hotel.

In another incident in the hotel, a painting worker, named Aziz, was preparing his painting stuff like the paint, brushes and so on. He was going to paint the exterior of the building and they placed/erected scaffolding all around the outside of the building. The front of the windows did not have any glass panels yet, so Aziz have to stand on the scaffolding on several wooden planks to paint the external walls. As he was painting, with the paintbrush attached by a wooden pole, he noticed that someone was looking at him through the glassless window. Thinking it must his supervisor checking on his work, he carried working….when he fell onto the scaffolding in sheer shock and disbelieve, when he saw a blurry partition looking down on him. Alamak!...Aziz tried to get away but he can only get to the edge of the scaffolding while fending with his paintbrush! He was so frightened by the incident that he also left.
Is Merlin Subang Hotel really haunted – some of their construction workers believe so.

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