Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pontianak in Malacca

Pontianak in Malacca
Sometime ago it was reported that a Pontianak (female vampire) was seen at Jalan Pulau Gadong in the state of Malacca.
A video clip, made via a mobile phone, was downloaded from the bridge at Jalan Pulau Gadong of the incident. This incident shows a woman a woman with long hair in a white dress, floating in mid-air and whimpering or crying. Many people were at the bridge to witness the still strange and scary phenomenal.

Map of Jalan Pulau Gadong, Malacca

It was reported in Harian Metro (a local Malaysian newspaper) and according to some that a woman who approach, requiring help but would turn into a Pontianak, a female vampire. There are local residents who claim there was a recent incident when a woman committed suicide at a bridge at Jalan Pulau Gadong.

An image of a “Pontianak”
According to local Malay myths and custom, believe that Pontianak comes from a still child and from a woman who dies at child birth. The term “Pontianak” stands for “Perempuan Mati Beranak” in the Malay language meaning a woman’s death from childbirth. Pontianak can also fly, look beautiful and look hideous and ugly when they have trapped a man. They have been known to cause a woman to lose their babies and even kill the babies.
According to myths and legends, a Pontianak has a hole in their neck and will transform to an ordinary woman when a nail is inserted. However she will change back to a Pontianak once the nail is removed.
The Pontianak is very popular legend in Malaysia and Indonesia.
There were 2 clips of recording taken by a local bystander titled “Pontianak Paya Rumput Melaka” and “Pulau Gadong Pontianak” which unfortunately have been terminated by YouTube.
It was also reported that witnesses for the Pulau Gadong incident that some people who have seen the apparition, heard a woman asking about her missing child. However when the Police arrived at the scene, the woman simply disappeared!

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