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Frightening Experience at Cameron Highlands Resort

Frightening Experience at Cameron Highlands Resort
A weekend leisurely trip to Cameron Highlands instead leads to a couple to a harrowing and frightening experience.

Cameron Highlands which is located in the north-western region in the state of Pahang and arguably the largest and most beautiful hill resort in the country. Although it still retains the old British charm, unfortunately it is now known as the “cowboy country” due to rampant and uncontrollable land clearing.

Map of Cameron Highlands

Mountain view of Cameron Highlands in Pahang

Dominic and Mavis arrived at the resort around 3pm, and he quickly booked the room. He promised her wife a treat this weekend and his wife is expecting their first child in a few months. After checking to their resort, they went to Strawberry farms which have a total of 7 farms in Malaysia. Then they went down to a restaurant for dinner.

When they got back to their suite, their bedroom door suddenly slam (bang!) shut. Thinking it must be the wind, Dominic tried the doorknob but it was really and truly stuck. When he was about to give up and called up the service or the personnel department, the door knob suddenly became unstuck and flung opened. Mavis said that Dominic must have succeeded in losing the door knob.  Dominic just smiled half-heartily and agreed with his wife but secretly he was puzzled how the door knob flung opened. He then checked the apartment for the sudden gust of window but found there no gaps in the windows and the curtains were closed.

Mavis woke suddenly at between 2am and 3am and the first thing she felt was it very cold in the bedroom. Looking back at Dominic, he was fast asleep and he was in a prawn-like shape with the blanket wrapped all around him. There was some illumination from the outside lighting on their bedroom windows. She casually looked at the bedroom mirror and saw a vaguely image of somebody. ..Oh My God! It was a blurred image of a woman but she could not make out the other features except her eyes! The apparition from her eyes seemed really furious and was glaring at them. Mavis quickly woke up Dominic in a stage of panic and who half-asleep was about his wife…alamak!.. when he saw the partially faceless woman in their bedroom mirror. He jumped with fright to the back of the bed and he tried to grab Mavis to follow suit. (maybe he was trying to hide behind his wife..hee hee)
The apparition thankfully slowly disappeared…

Dominic and Mavis spent the rest of the night huddled together in the living room. The next morning they quickly check out from their resort. They had enough of their frightening experience at Cameron Highlands Resort.

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