Friday, December 28, 2012


A vacation by 8 friends to RIA apartment results in an eerie and spooky encounter.

RIA Apartment in Genting Highlands has a 2 or 3 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and a bathroom provides a spacious accommodation for their clients. RIA Apartments, Amber Court, First World Hotel etc. are owned by Genting Resorts Bhd and controlled by the Lim family. It is called the “city of entertainment” and is arguably the most famous resort area in the country.

However there are numerous strange incidents of ghostly spirits, suicides from the casino and strange encounters that some people believe that the area is haunted by ghosts and spirits.

RIA Apartment in Genting Highlands, Pahang

Liz Phang together with three girls and four of their boyfriends have managed to book an apartment in Genting Highlands. Liz got in ahead of her friends to their apartment, when she felt a cold gust of wind and it blew the window curtain opened. She quickly looked behind but her friends were busy yapping at the back of her. Later they when she mentioned the incident, they told her that she was mistaken. She forgot about the entire episode thinking it must be her wild imagination.

The next day, 2 of her girlfriends, were taking a shower together when they felt a strange sensation as if they were being watched. The 2 girls angrily marched to the living room and asked if the boys had been secretly watching them. Taken by surprise the boys denied it but laughed saying that it must be “harm sap kuai” (Chinese translation for horny ghost).

Bathroom of RIA Apartment

When they got to the apartment, the 4 boys really got drunk after the booze and yapping all night. It was about 4am plus, when the girls were woken up by the continuous knocking and banging of their front door. The guys were too drunk and refused to wake up and so one of girls got out to looked out the peep hole in the front door. She fell on her back after peering into the peep hole and the girls hurriedly rushed to her side, excitably asking her what did she see! Shaking and trembling she told them she saw a dark shadow… looming in front their front door!

That very morning, they moved to another apartment in RIA Apartment.

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