Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spooky Chalet at Cherating

Spooky Chalet at Cherating

A young couple goes for a holiday at Cherating encounter strange spooky incidents at their room at the chalet.
Cherating is a popular beach resort located approximately 30 km from Kuantan in the state of Pahang. Josh Nathan and his girlfriend, Maria, after dropping by for a few days at Maria’s place at Ipoh planned to drop by at Cherating before going back to work.

Exit to Cherating

Josh and Maria droved their car to a chalet at Cherating where they chose to spend 3 days and 2 nights there. After checking into a chalet, the both of them was busy putting their stuff away when they heard people softly chatting in their bedroom. Josh and Maria looked at each other in surprised and they opened the door to their bedroom but it was empty. Both of their smiled sheepishly thinking that it must be other clients or the staff of the chalet.

While Maria was putting her stuff away in the bedroom, Nathan had a drink and was reading his newspaper where he glimpsed from the corner of his eyes, a dark flashing image moving with incredible speed at the kitchen.  It was for a few seconds only and it was gone. Nathan sighed and thinking he was so tired from driving and he not want to be a drama queen if Maria found about it – must be just his crazy imagination!

On the second day, after they got back from the beach Maria opted on a long steaming hot shower while Nathan was elected and drive to a nearby stalls to bring back food for their dinner. When Maria was done with her shower and had wrapped herself in a towel, she nonchalantly and coolly looked into the bathroom mirror. The mirror was all misted and fogged up which she used her palms wiping up the mirror when she was puzzled that there was a fuzzy image behind her. Rubbing harder on the mirror she was shocked to see – a man standing in the mirror looking like a crazed sex maniac smirking at her! Yeeck! …she shrieked…. screaming and grabbed at her towel, spun round to face the smirking man who was standing behind her. She was breathing hard trembling holding onto her towel and quickly peered at the man but there was no one there…..the bathroom was empty. 

Realizing that something was seriously wrong she darted from the bathroom to the living room at the same time Josh was returning. Maria was shook up and angrily demanded to leave the resort immediately.


  1. a dark flashing image moving with incredible speed at the kitchen !is it your eyes trick you or imagination i wonder !!I think most people have encounter this and would think it just your imagination or your eyes trick you,but it is real ..It will be either white flashing image or dark ...Anyway thank you Christopher Lim for your effort of sharing ghost stories here..Really like your work .


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