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Eerie Domestic Pets

Eerie Domestic Pets

A collection of eerie and spooky true real life accounts of domestic pets like dogs and cats in everyday lives.
There are numerous bizarre stories that pets, specifically dogs and cats, many people believe they have  6th sense that they can ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the presence of the afterlife or the supernatural. Or the other hand some believe that it just bullshit merely a figment of one’s wild imagination. Please let me know your comments whether you believe in these things or not. Anyway, I have 2 strange and spooky stories about a dog and a cat for you.

1st story
One night after dinner Malcolm See was watching a TV program in the family living room when their dog started barking loudly and nonstop continuously. Malcolm family’s dog was a mongrel (‘pariah’ – dog-ler) and Malcolm went out to find out what was wrong with the animal. When he got there, he found their dog barking furiously at something on the right side of their gate. It was late in the night and some of the street lights nearby were not working. 

Slightly confused about the dog’s incessant or never-ending barking Malcolm casually stared at the partly lighted surrounding neighbourhood but he could not see anything unusual. Malcolm’s kid brother also went out to the front porch and with a cane tried to get their dog to stop barking. Both of them were trying to stop and calm their dog, Malcolm realized that their howling and whining dog was looking at directly at their gate… but there was nothing there. Without warning the dog howled miserably and took off like a shot into their house to the living room and finally to their toilet at the back where he stubbornly remain. The dog was frightened with nonstop whining (like crying) with her legs splayed about her trembling body and refused to come out – something that she has never done, that is going in the house, until the next morning.

A few weeks later, Malcolm heard his mother talking with an ‘aunty’ neighbor that a little girl was killed, nearby to their present house, by her drug crazed parents a few years ago. Some people have said it was “ghost returning” where a lost soul will return for certain occasions. Whether that was true or not, I really do not know.

2nd story
In the second story Nora was in her bedroom, sitting on her study table working on her homework.  At that time it was late in the night and the whole household members were fast asleep. Nora was thinking of getting a glass of water when she saw her cat, Sayang, stealthily walking in the walkway from her bedroom (Nora left her bedroom door ajar). 
All of a sudden Sayang gave a frightened ‘meow’ and she leapt directly into the air. The terrified cat must have leapt vertically up one meter from the floor! It was as if she had seen ‘something’ that gave her an unexpected shock and truly frightened her.  Sayang did a super-quick turned 180 degrees and took off like a bullet towards the stairs.

Cat leaping

Nora had already an eerie feeling that night before the incident with her cat. She was frighten but closely stared at the empty walkway but she could not see anything!

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