Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Chinese Cemetery

Old Chinese Cemetery

A casual trip to an old cemetery on a Saturday night resulted into a series of spooky disturbing and surprising turn of events.

Michael Lee and Andy Tan were best friends and also schoolmates in the early 1990s. They were also neighbours (actually they lived about 1 mile from each other – ‘close’ when you were young!) Andy called Michael on the telephone (before the handphone existed!) to find out what’s the plan for the evening.
Downright bored and just goofing around, Michael suddenly suggested playing with the spirit of the coin (something like an Ouija board) at a nearby cemetery that night. At first Andy was kindna reluctant but was persuaded by Michael’s enthusiasm and besides it he thinks the spirit might give him some good news about a girl, Amy, which Andy really likes. In fact Andy was even willing get the board for the spirit of the coin which was taking a white cardboard and writing numbers from 1 – 9, alphabeths like A – Z and “Home, No and Yes”. 

They both met at a nearby mamak stall at 11pm and had ‘teh tariks’ before finally proceeding to the old Chinese Rasah Cemetery. The cemetery was located up a hill as some Chinese belief that it is good ‘feng shui’.

Photo of Rasah Cemetery (by Erwin T.)

It was a dark night with a really cold breeze filled with a bright full moon but with only a few lamp posts along the way and heard the stray dogs was howling and the cats were meowing. There was a shed with a roof but with the walls completely uncovered except for the wooden posts. Luckily the guys had their flashlights and carried on with putting the paper board onto concrete stool.  

When they played with the spirit of the coin with their fingers on the 20 cent coin they argued that the other was pushing the coin. At one stage they felt like the coin was slighting lifting and besides it was gibberish and just rubbish with the spelling with the alphabeths or over the board and it does not make any sense.

Finally Michael took a break and walk away from the shed, puffing his cigarette and shinning the light from flashlight. When he noticed that the clothes were strewn about the cemetery and also the food and offerings that were left for the departed had teeth marks on them as if someone had taken a huge bite. 

He motioned Andy to come and take a look and they both looked puzzled at that scene. Andy finally said that it must be the dogs and both (still trying to be macho) decided to leave to get back to the mamak stall.
While they were walking on the path leading from the cemetery they saw in a distant 2 girls walking in the same direction. They looked familiar and when the 2 girls looked briefly at their direction – it was Patricia and Sue, two girls they knew from the Convent school who lived nearby. Both of them wave their hands, yelled and shouted at them but the 2 girls must be too far and they lost sight of them.

Finally they made it to the mamak stall where their decision to call it a night. The next day after school they accidentally ran into Patricia and Sue at the bus stand and they casually mentioned that they saw the girls the previous night near the cemetery. The two girls looked at each other with a puzzled look and said that it could not be as they both were in their friend’s house the whole night!

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