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Lok Ann Hotel – haunted?

Lok Ann Hotel – haunted?

It were claimed that they heard strange and spooky whisperings and people walking pass when the lights suddenly turn off and on at the hotel – but is it haunted?

Lok Ann Hotel which is economy hotel is located at Pudu Raya (a bus terminal) which is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Recently have been many reports that the old hotel will be demolished to make way for a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station by the government.

Photo of Hotel Lok Ann in Kuala Lumpur

Robert Chua used to come to Kuala Lumpur every month to have a meeting with his boss. Usually he leaves back to Perak once the meeting is over. However there are times when the meetings are over and it is late, he goes to Hotel Lok Ann to spend a night before driving to Perak.

Robert had heard his colleagues teasing him and from clients at a local food stalls that the hotel was haunted. He was not superstitious and he really was not bothered with such talk. Some people said that they have heard strange whisperings and giggling from the bedrooms but Robert maintained that the walls of the bedrooms were paper-thin that would account for the noise. The bedrooms and corridor lights would go on and off but that was common for an economical hotel.

On that particular night in the hotel, Robert could not fall asleep and so he put on his clothes to go down to a nearby late night stalls. As he was getting to close his bedroom door he heard a girl sniggering. The corridor lights were dimly lit but he quickly turned his head to look at the direction of the sound. The look down the corridor and there was a young girl standing at the end of the passageway….WTF! it was his daughter! He angrily waved at her and shouted to come here but she suddenly took off giggling towards the corridor and down the staircase. What is his daughter in Kuala Lumpur, Robert wondered frantically and he took off rushing after the little girl.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs the little girl was gone. Robert desperately rushed to the shops (which were closed) and the eating stalls but did not find her. Panting and out of breath he called his wife…only to be told that his daughter was fast asleep beside her in their bed.

Robert had often wondered whether he mistakenly saw a girl who like his daughter or did he saw a ghost! Anyway he decided not to go to that hotel again.


  1. I like ghost stories! I do not know if Lok Ann Hotel is haunted but there was a Chinese funeral parlour across the road from Lok Ann called Chik Sin Tong. From yr photo, if you cross the road from Lok Ann, pass the black car and on your right is an empty site now where cars are parked. This used to be one of the oldest funeral parlour but has been demolished. This was the starting point of funerals in Chinatown, sending off the dead! The row of shops on the left of Lok Ann hotel - many were coffin shops in the old days. I had relatives who used to live on this row of shop in the 1960s, and as a kid when visiting them, I saw a few grand funeral processions. Also the main entrance of Lok Ann hotel faces Madras lane where the old Madras cinema used to be, which will be on the right side of your photo (not shown here). That Madras cinema too has many "ghostly haunted" tales too. That's why I find your story so interesting. Chinatown was my childhood favourite haunt.

  2. Hi Gloria Joy Victor, so glad to hear from you. Go good to hear about the old days..where the world seem so much younger...sigh..I must be growing old. Do you have any stories to share with me? Ghost stories are so interesting to me.


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