Monday, July 15, 2013

Haunted Places

Haunted Places

A mixed collection of unnatural stories and tales of haunted places in the country.

Countless people have reported or witnessed some strange and weird accounts in their everyday lives throughout the country. These only 3 incidents of such spooky experiences that they faced. Here are their stories:

1st Story
Deanna Chin was walking her dog, a mixed cocker spaniel, one night after dinner. When she was walking back she saw Mrs Lai, a neighbour, who asked her about her studies. Mrs Lai’s mother was staying in their house before going back to her own home at Raub in Pahang. Mrs Lai’s mum constant complaints were that she saw many times shadowy black figure moving in the house. 

Deanna’s dog started barking and howling and the dog was staring at the Mrs Lai’s living room. Deanna had to tugged and pulled the leash to prevent her dog from tearing into Mrs Lai’s house. Deanna had never experienced her dog to act that way as the dog was so normally playful and gentle. They both looked towards the living room, confused and lost while Deanna was having a terrible time trying to keep her dog calm. Deanna quickly aplologized to Mrs Lai and hurriedly left with her dog.

Did Deanna’s dog sense an unnatural presence? I really do not know.

2nd Story
Melaka International School which is located at Jalan Kubu (near Jonker Walk) in Malacca is an international school. The school was established in 1993.

Photo of Melaka International School (

There are rumours of mysterious hauntings maybe because the school was reputed to be located at a former nearby graveyard. 

Some have claimed that they witnessed floating stuff in the boys’ toilet. In the dormitory they saw lights turned mysterious on and off and sounds of washing. When they check they found nothing.

3rd Story
William Loo used to stay in a condo at Sri Petaling in the state of Selangor. He said there were nights when he thought he saw with the corner of his eye a shadowy white figure flash by in the condo. As he does not believe in ghosts he disregarded the incidents and thinking it was his own imagination.

However one night after he went to bed, he found to his surprised that his entire bed moving and shaking violently. He eventually found another place to stay.


  1. Actually, the school moved to Taman Siantan in 2007, and that was the location of the graveyard.

  2. Hi Lee, Thanks for your comments. Any other stories esp. about your aunt?


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