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Footprints at Templer’s Park

Footprints at Templer’s Park

A young couple together with their young son found several strange occurrences during their visit to Templer’s Park in Selangor, Malaysia.

Templer’s Park is a forest reserve with a size of approximately 1,200 hectares and located about 5 kilometer from Rawang in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is named after Sir Gerald Templer which was a former British High Commissioner by the late Sultan of Selangor.

Templer’s Park is essentially a wildlife sanctuary which consists of the many waterfalls, the clear natural streams and the jungle trails. There are of course the essential amenities including car parks, public toilets and picnic spots.

A waterfall at Templer’s Park

Kamal was running late as he had some unexpected work from office to complete on a Sunday. It was late evening by the time to he drove his wife and kid to the shopping mall to do their normal weekend. When he finally drove from the shopping mall, his 4 year old son was making a big fuss as Kamal had earlier promise to take them to Templer’s Park.

There was still light by the time they arrived directly coming from the mall at Templer’s Park. After parking their car, Kamal and his wife, Putri, together with their young son had a ice cream each from an ice cream vendor who was just packing his stuff from his motorbike.
They hurried away to an isolated place where there was a particular small waterfall which Kamal loves to take a cool dip in the icy cold water. The sunset has almost darken the sky by that time and there were no sounds or chirping from the birds as was normal – but complete silence.

Kamal was just about mention to his wife, how strange about the surrounding silence, when they heard clearly the sound of children laughing and playing but not loud enough to understand. They looked around them but could not see any children! Kamal was just about to place his little son at the edge of the waterfall when he notice tiny footprints at the edge of sand beside the waterfall. It must be children’s bare footprints as it was less than half the size of an adult!  Both Kamal and Putri felt a sense of unease, a chilling feeling and extremely frightened.

They quickly made their path all the way until they reached their car as all the other have already left, where Putra met up with an old lady vendor who was packing up her stuff. “You macam tengok ‘antu” (you look like you have seen a devil), said the old lady vendor. Putra blurted out the strange and eerie happenings that they encountered at the park. The old woman whisper softly said you all must have seen the “little people” which leave in the hills.

I am not sure whether they have encounter either a “bunian” – a ghost or genie found in jungles or forest or  a “Hantu Pari Pari” – a fairy ghost. Please let me know if you have any experience in this thing.

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  1. I am actually here at templer park now. I decided to google about tis place because i can sense something not good. Then i found ur page. Thank you.. i shall be careful now.


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