Monday, March 4, 2013

Strange Voices in the Radio

Strange Voices in the Radio

One night when a student was studying for an exam, she heard strange and creepy voices from her radio.
Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) the main campus was established in the 1960s to cater for the student education needs (mostly Chinese students) and was named after Tunku Abdul Rahman who was the first Prime Minister of the Malaysia.

The Emblem of TARC (Tunku Abdul Rahman college) in Malaysia

Jane Siow rented a room at an apartment, more correctly a flat, at a nearby residential or housing place in Setapak in the 1990s. Jane was studying for a exam (I think it was a Business Management) course in her room and it about 2.30 am, when she a bit confused about the song that was playing on her Chinese channel on her radio.

A portable AM and FM radio

She could hear a faint buzzing from her radio followed by a slightly louder sound of people talking and laughing. She was not frightened thinking that her radio reception and channel must have gotten to another radio’s reception. While she was fiddling around with the buttons in her portable radio, she was getting more confused as she still hear the voices on her radio and it was in the Malay language superimposed by the Chinese radio program.

She was jolted and taken aback, when she heard a woman scream from her radio! The sound was clearly audible and sounds of a woman screaming and moaning asking and pleading for help from her radio in Malay. Totally shocked and confused, Jane could only stared at her radio, while the eerie sounds of a woman crying in desperation could be heard from the radio.

Jane gathered what courage and guts has and quickly turned it off. Till today, Jane was absolutely sure she heard the voice of the crying woman on her radio and believed that voice was from the dead.

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