Monday, February 25, 2013

Hospital Patient’s Visitor

Hospital Patient’s Visitor

A patient was admitted to a hospital for a few days when she encountered an eerie incident at her ward.
Susanna Yim was treated in the local hospital in Malaysia for severe back pain which was probably caused by a slipped disk. She was subjected to stories about the supernatural and ghosts from her friends and her family members. All she wanted was to get rid of the pain in her back and get back to work and not about ridiculous and nonsensical tales of the paranormal. There was a story about the wards about the existence of voices of dead children hanging around the corridors.

A photo of a Hospital in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Susanna was in a joint room with an old woman and has seen a young man and also an older man but she did not talk to them. One night when she woke up, she saw the old man sitting patiently on a chair beside the old woman who was sleeping. The old man looked surprised that Susanna has woken up and he warmly smile at her. Susanna managed to smile back and looking at the old lady lying in bed, asked him how is the old lady doing. The old man then said her wife is doing much better and she is just resting. Susanna also asked about the younger man who was presently not around. The old man smiled that the young man is his son but he is working the night shifts and could not be around. He added that he will look after his wife after his son’s shift. The old man also enquired about Susanna’s condition.

When Susanna got back from therapy during the afternoon, she was pleasantly surprised to find both the son with his mother. She smiled at both of them while getting into her bed and Susanna said to the old lady that her husband will be coming later. The old woman and the son look at each other in surprise and the old woman said softly that her husband passed away 2 years ago.

Susanna was shocked thinking maybe there are strange and unexplainable things in life.

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