Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grandma Followed Her Home

Grandma Followed Her Home

A girl experienced a terrible shock when she is followed by her late grandma to her home.

23 year Cynthia Kee lives in Selangor is basically a clubber and party girl. She loves to go nightclubs and bars with her friends at night. She was driving alone one night, after dropping her friend off, when she noticed that the air-condition seen to blowing directly on her. This is slightly strange as she remembered she has turned the air-conditioner blower away from her.

As she was driving and nervously fidgeting with the air-con at the same time when she noticed that somebody was actually blowing at the back of her head. Cynthia rushed home, got out of her car and took off for her house. At the same time, she glanced back at her car and the dark shadowy patch of the old tree beside her vehicle. She could barely see of what look like a lady in an old traditional costume.

A Traditional Nyonya Dress (copyright from Google)

When she woke up the next day, she was fine and thinking it was just her wild imagination. After work the next day, Cynthia went out for a friend’s birthday dinner and then went out to a bar to celebrate. She was half drunk and a bit trashed when finally got back to her house that night. 

Cynthia woke up with a slight hang and lying upside down in her bed, when she slowly turned around….aieeah!…she saw a blurry lady (cannot make out any of the facial features) who is dress up in the traditional Nyonya attire with an old luggage beside her. Before Cynthia could scream….the ghostly figure yelled, “Girl-Girl!” and rushed towards Cynthia.

A View of a very old Luggage

Cynthia fainted due to the extreme shock from the apparition. Her parents brought her to a Chinese temple where they consulted a medium.  After a series of chanting, the medium said the ghost was a close departed relative and wanted to “visit”. 

Cynthia thought it must be her grandma who died 3 years ago. Cynthia’s grandma was from Malacca  and she was a Nyonya!

Definition : Nyonya is the term for Chinese women from Malacca and they wear baju kebaya (basically a Malay dress).

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