Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Red Box Karaoke – Another Strange Incident

Red Box Karaoke – Another Strange Incident

A couple of technicians were called to a Red Box Karaoke to fix the audio and visual equipment when they met up with a disturbing and unexplained encounter.

View of Red Box Karaoke

Kevyn Goh and Mohan were instructed to a Red Box Karaoke in town to fix a problem in one of their Karaoke rooms. Then were met by Mr. Chin who was the manager of the karaoke and told them of the problems with the wiring in that room. Mr Chin was late for a management meeting and they were short of staff, Kevin and Mohan had to on their own.

One of the Karaoke room

The lights were dimmed when they got to the Karaoke room and went to work. Kevyn noticed a woman sitting in the dark, at the back of the couch, and thinking it must be one of the karaoke’s staff. Kevyn immediately said “hullo, you must be Mr. Chin’s staff”. The woman or girl  (it was too dark to notice) did not reply but sat silently on the sofa. 

Mohan who noticed the exchanged quietly chortled and laughed whispering to Kevyn, “Sombong lah” (translated – stuck up). Kevyn was slightly annoyed and went to work on the equipment. It took more than 2 hours before they managed to fix the problem and as they were packing their stuff, they noticed that the woman/girl was no longer there.

As they were leaving they met up with the manager, Mr Chin and at the same told him that the problem has been rectified. Kevyn also mentioned that his female staff was there but she had left. Mr Chin then replied that it was impossible as they were seriously short off staff. Kevyn and Mohan kept insisting they saw the girl in the karaoke. To avoid the endless quarrel, Mr Chin reluctantly agreed to take them to a small room where the CCTV recording was kept. 

The three of them then played the recording on a small screen and sure enough there clearly on the screen was a lady/girl sitting on the edge of the sofa. “Who… is that?” wondered an extremely curious Mr Chin. All eyes were on her when she slowly got up and she faded away…disappeared. 

They were horrified as they stared at the screen…Kevyn got up and hit the replay bottom on the CCTV equipment hoping that it was a mistake. However they saw the same thing…the lady was there and then simply vanished!

Kevyn and Mohan hurriedly packed their stuff and left…both of them got really sick after that incident.

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