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Unnatural Tales from a Taxi Driver

Unnatural Tales from a Taxi Driver

A Public Cab taxi driver’s own personal experiences with the world of supernatural.

During a recent trip to KLIA, I manage to talk with Haj. Yusof, the taxi driver, about his personal experiences about the supernatural. Haj. Yusof is a over 50 year old and is a jovial man, who work as a taxi driver for Public Cab in mostly Klang Valley in Malaysia. Other than the drivers from Public Cab, he also have friends from rival companies like Radio Taxi, Sunlight, Comfort etc. Like he said, “Everybody has to make a living”.

Public Cab in Malaysia

Haj. Yusof says there seem to be a lot of stories from taxi drivers and ordinary people concerning mostly the tragedy of the Highland Towers. The Highland Towers collapsed at Taman Hillview in Selangor in 1993 where 48 people were killed – and stories and tales of strange and eerie apparitions in the vicinity were reported.

However, Haj. Yusof is reluctant of going to the places like Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang etc not just because of the stories but he seen personally seen strange and weird things from that area. One night after the tragedy, he was around the area in residential part of Ampang, where he saw a man looking for a cab. The night was dark and there was a slight fog in the night air and he drove slightly past the spot where the man was waiting. 

While waiting for his client, he jumped out as he heard a sharp shrill, a really high pitch laughter rang out in the air. He looked all around, daze and shock – but there was nothing there! He quickly looked back at his client who was walking slowly towards his taxi and he realized that the client has no head! – just the body. With his heart pounding in his chest, he floored the gas and the taxi spun wildly and he took off.

Haj. Yusof had a similar tale about his friend, Amin who is from Sunlight taxi, about an eerie encounter. That night, Amin was at Bukit Antarabangsa, when he saw a couple with their two children. They were walking downhill at night and they were far away the normal homes and Amin thought they were simply looking for a cab. After driving his cab there and seeing them on the rear mirror, Amin waited for the couple and two children. After a few minutes had passed, Amin was wondering why they were taking so long and he looked again at his rear view. To his surprised, they were no sign of the couple and the two children. Amin said a quick prayer and left immediately!

Haj. Yusof simply believes that some things cannot be explained, it is best to say a prayer and leave it up to God.

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