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Ghosts Sighting at Genting Sempah, Selangor

Ghosts Sighting at Genting Sempah, Selangor

Two different strange tales of incidents during night driving in Genting Sempah in Genting, Selangor.

A Signboard of Genting Sempah in Genting

Many eerie stories from the mainstream media and especially in the cyber world have been said about said about driving in Genting Sempah and some say that it is infested and overwhelm by dark spirits and ghosts.
Genting Sempah is basically a transit town between the states of Pahang and Selangor. However, Genting Sempah is also the transit point to the infamous Genting Highlands.

The first tale is about Mrs Chan who is a devout follower of the Taoist religion. Mrs Chan and her group had invited a Taoist priest from Sitiawan to a retreat in Genting Highlands. On the way when they reached Genting Sempah at night, the 70 year old Taoist priest suddenly look distraught and demanded that turn around the van and head back for Kuala Lumpur. The highly agitated priest said that there are numerous spirits roaming around that place – there were too much Yin energies. Yin energy can be describe as feminine energy but can also mean nighttime, or evil and dark forces. They drove back to Kuala Lumpur.

Map of Genting Sempah in Genting Highlands

In the 2nd incident, Ron Lee and his girlfriend, Cindy Tan, together with Cindy’s younger 13 year old Yat Ming. They were on a day trip at the Theme Parks at Genting Highlands and after dinner, they were driving home via Genting Sempah. 

While Ron was driving back he noticed that a white Proton Wira has parked at the side of the road. Beside the Wira, a man was kneeling with joss sticks down at the undergrowth at the side of the road. Cindy’s younger sister, Yat Meng, was sitting at the  back of the car and she was busy with text messaging (SMS) all her friends. Cindy who was watching the scene, indicated to Ron to quickly go.

A few minutes later, Yat Meng asked from the back scene, “Hey, the 3 persons by the roadside must be desperate for money”. Cindy was surprised and turned to her back to look at Yat Meng and asking her about the 3 persons. Yat Meng said the 3 people by the road…the guy who was praying and the 2 ladies standing beside him. Ron and Cindy looked at each other in shock as they saw only the man! They rapidly and desperately high-tail or retreated from there.

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