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Valentine’s Day at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

Valentine’s Day at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

A guy and his girlfriend went to spend Valentine’s Day for a weekend outing but was shocked at a nightmarish occurrences at the hotel.

The Theme Park Hotel is conveniently located close to the Arena of Stars, First World Hotel and the Genting Highland theme parks. It is rated as a three-star hotel and has more than 400 rooms. It is also part of the hotels, resorts and gambling casinos that is owned by the Genting group.

The location of Theme Park Hotel

Bosco Liew and Theresa Kan set out for the Theme Park Hotel in Genting Highlands during Valentine Day for a weekend of fun. They went to the hotel where they promptly check with the CSO (Customer Service Officer) and hurriedly went into their room. When their luggage was finally unpacked, they went sight-seeing to the Taoist Chin Swee Temple when they asked for blessings for their respective families. After that, they spent the rest of the day at the themes parks, playing games and enjoying the rides. 

Theme Park Hotel in Genting Highlands

They went to a leisurely dinner at Pizza Hut and when they went to their room it was already 11pm. At their room, they felt a bit uneasy because there was a constant sound of Tak! Tak! Tak! which seemed to be coming from their room. Bosco and Theresa just thought it was the neighbours and did not take any notice.

Theresa wanted to take a shower and to wash her hair whereas Bosco sat down to watch the news on the TV. After a few minutes, Theresa rushed into the room clad only in a towel where she claimed that someone had grabbed her hair. Bosco reluctantly walked into the bathroom but did not find anything unusual. Theresa felt something is seriously wrong and start to chant her prayers…but her words were fuzzy and garbled as if in alien language. Bosco looked in total disbelief at his girlfriend and when he finally spoke, he was speechless…actually he could not speak at all! 

Sound of the Tak! Tak! Tak! seemed to be getting louder and the couple looked at each other helplessly. When all of a sudden, a black hazy apparition show up at the bathroom and quickly fled and disappeared into the curtain or blind of their main room.  Sacred to death they rushed off the telephone at the nearby table…only to find that both of them could not speak at all. Then they both rushed to the main door, only to find the main door was jam shut, it could not be opened!

Bosco and Theresa found themselves locked out and they spend the entire night huddled together for the whole night. They managed to open the front door early next morning and miraculously they found they can speak again. They quickly packed their stuff and left.

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