Friday, February 22, 2013

3 Bed, 2 Bath and a Ghost

3 Bed, 2 Bath and a Ghost

A lady found that her recent purchased house is plagued by paranormal activities.

I found out that selling my old house is not so easy as people (especially Chinese) as people are influenced by so many superstitions (‘patang’) and beliefs. For example, across my house is a small TNB (electricity) substation which some people considered as not desirable. I have heard that high voltage pylons are a taboo (a strict ‘no go’) as electromagnetic fields will make the spirits more energetic as they need to manipulate their surroundings.  However for a small TNB substation is too much but maybe its the surroundings that make it so hauntingly creepy.

A Typical Haunted House in Malaysia

This is a true account of Gail Soh who recently bought a 3 bed/2 bath house in Cheras in Kuala Lumpur. She bought it with a 20 per cent off compared to other existing houses in the area. Her property agent told her about the previous tenants were desperate to get rid of the house and there rumours about it being haunted. Gail was not bothered it about and considered it as foolish stories made by people who were did not know better. 

Shortly after Gail moved in, there were numerous strange and unexplained incidents that occurred at that house. She would be asleep and nightmares (about her dead relatives), sleep paralysis , feeling of sadness and deep depression would happen almost every night.
There were times when the volume of her TV was turn to either high or low or the channels were changed or flipped continuously. The lights in her bathroom were turn or off and even the taps in the kitchen were also turned on. When she was in the living room watching TV, she could clearly here footsteps in the bedrooms where no-body was around.

Finally one night after work, when she turned on the light in the living room she saw in a blackish apparition on top of the stairs. Shock and disoriented she stared numbly at the apparition who seemed to be looking at her and then the apparition simply fled.

Gail sold her house and presently is renting another place.

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