Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shy and Mysterious Spirit

Shy and Mysterious Spirit
Nancy lives in Sandakan with her family and she really believes that her house is actually haunted.
The city of Sandakan is the second largest city in Sabah, Malaysia. Sandakan was the former capital of the British North Borneo during the British colonial era. After the second WWII, Sandakan shifted to Kota Kinabalu as the capital of the state. It was also well-known for the notorious killing of innocent people during the Japanese occupation during WWII.

Map of Sabah

11 year old, Nancy lived with her parents in Sandakan with her youngest sister, Rudy, in a rented house.
Nancy must have heard a million times, as her mother said wearily to 6 year old Rudy, “Why you so naughty?” To Nancy thinking, Rudy was a real pain in the ass – always mischievous, naughty and she will bug out everyone, especially Nancy.

Anyway, Nancy was in her room (which she shares with Rudy) playing her computer game when she notice someone looking behind her back. She groaned as she thought it must be Rudy as she yell, “Ooui! what you want?” After a few minutes, Nancy finally turned her head to look behind her…but Rudy was not around.
It was a bit strange and after a while Nancy got off a chair and went to look for her sister. When she found Rudy alone in her parents’ room, Rudy was happily asleep with her thumb in her mouth. Nancy found it a bit odd as she was sure she saw someone beside her in their room.

During that period, Nancy saw a flash of a young girl in the different corners of their house, which she thought was Rudy but it was not Rudy. Later she found out that her mother, her aunties and even her older cousins have seen her why they thought it was Rudy!

Eventually Nancy’s parents manage to buy another house of their own and they moved from this rented house.

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