Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paranormal Incident at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Paranormal Incident at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Three girls faced a paranormal incident during a night out at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang.
Kavitha, Rosie and Vickki are students at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) at the main campus in the state of Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. USM was established in 1969 and located at the former Minden Barracks of the British Far East Command.

Universiti Sains Malaysia at the island of Penang

They were attending a rehearsal at night for a play (I cannot remember maybe it was Shakespeare) on campus. After the rehearsal, the three of them was walking back from the campus and it was quiet dark night with the lamp which was spaced far apart posts providing the lights on the campus. Kavitha and Vickki was walking with Rosie lagging behind. The two girls turned back and asked Rosie to walk faster. When they turned back impatiently when they notice that Rosie was walking behind them and she was looking strangely at something behind her. 

Night time view of USM

Kavitha and Vickki then shouted at Rosie to keep up with them as Rosie seemed to be falling behind them. Rosie suddenly shouted in a terrified voice at the two girls, “Run…just run!” Both of the girls together with Rosie just took off thinking it must be snatch thieves or even a rapist. 

Then must have ran over a half kilometer before they reached the guard house. They were panting heavily and completely out of breath and when they have recovered sufficiently they asked her what was about.
“You meant you didn’t see them?” said a still panting Rosie to her two friends. Rosie then told them that she saw an older gentleman who was on the parked wooden bench smoking a pipe and he seemed to be lost in thoughts. Then suddenly he walked away on the same foot path they were on.

At the same time, a platoon of Japanese troops showed up dressed in their army uniforms, helmets and boots and they had their guns fastened to their bayonets. They were busy with their war-like activities and the older gentleman was just walking behind them. The strange thing, was they seemed to be unaware of the other activities. It was like a totally different scene about an absolutely different event at different time. 

Both Kavitha and Vickki were surprised to hear that the absolutely eerie phenomenal but later found out that Rosie has got the “3rd eye” (meaning that sometimes she can see ghosts). They know that the Japanese invaded the island during the 2nd World War and many people were killed…and what has the older gentleman got to do with it. The girls then reluctantly decided that the spirits of dead people and the memories they left behind cannot be fully understood.


  1. No wonder the Japanese lost: their guns were fastened to their bayonets!

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