Monday, February 25, 2013

Hospital Patient’s Visitor

Hospital Patient’s Visitor

A patient was admitted to a hospital for a few days when she encountered an eerie incident at her ward.
Susanna Yim was treated in the local hospital in Malaysia for severe back pain which was probably caused by a slipped disk. She was subjected to stories about the supernatural and ghosts from her friends and her family members. All she wanted was to get rid of the pain in her back and get back to work and not about ridiculous and nonsensical tales of the paranormal. There was a story about the wards about the existence of voices of dead children hanging around the corridors.

A photo of a Hospital in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Susanna was in a joint room with an old woman and has seen a young man and also an older man but she did not talk to them. One night when she woke up, she saw the old man sitting patiently on a chair beside the old woman who was sleeping. The old man looked surprised that Susanna has woken up and he warmly smile at her. Susanna managed to smile back and looking at the old lady lying in bed, asked him how is the old lady doing. The old man then said her wife is doing much better and she is just resting. Susanna also asked about the younger man who was presently not around. The old man smiled that the young man is his son but he is working the night shifts and could not be around. He added that he will look after his wife after his son’s shift. The old man also enquired about Susanna’s condition.

Friday, February 22, 2013

3 Bed, 2 Bath and a Ghost

3 Bed, 2 Bath and a Ghost

A lady found that her recent purchased house is plagued by paranormal activities.

I found out that selling my old house is not so easy as people (especially Chinese) as people are influenced by so many superstitions (‘patang’) and beliefs. For example, across my house is a small TNB (electricity) substation which some people considered as not desirable. I have heard that high voltage pylons are a taboo (a strict ‘no go’) as electromagnetic fields will make the spirits more energetic as they need to manipulate their surroundings.  However for a small TNB substation is too much but maybe its the surroundings that make it so hauntingly creepy.

A Typical Haunted House in Malaysia

This is a true account of Gail Soh who recently bought a 3 bed/2 bath house in Cheras in Kuala Lumpur. She bought it with a 20 per cent off compared to other existing houses in the area. Her property agent told her about the previous tenants were desperate to get rid of the house and there rumours about it being haunted. Gail was not bothered it about and considered it as foolish stories made by people who were did not know better. 

Shortly after Gail moved in, there were numerous strange and unexplained incidents that occurred at that house. She would be asleep and nightmares (about her dead relatives), sleep paralysis , feeling of sadness and deep depression would happen almost every night.
There were times when the volume of her TV was turn to either high or low or the channels were changed or flipped continuously. The lights in her bathroom were turn or off and even the taps in the kitchen were also turned on. When she was in the living room watching TV, she could clearly here footsteps in the bedrooms where no-body was around.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Terrifying Night Drive

Terrifying Night Drive
Colin Mok works in Johor Baru and he just had dinner at a food stall with colleagues in town. It was already 11pm when he left for home to Kempas Baru. 

On the highway back from Johor Baru, he was on the fast lane and doing 110 km/hr (he claimed to be on the maximum limit…as usual) in his new Proton Satria when the next car suddenly sped to just his bumper. He was momentarily shocked, thinking he was already at 110 km/hr and wondered how fast does have to go. 

Being young and foolish, Colin gunned up the gas and sped his engine until his Satria was 140 km/hr but the other car was still flashing its high beam and still tailgating his car. From the headlights from the other car, Colin was able to see that it was an older car and it was unbelievably close – possibly inches from the back of Colin’s Satria.

A Datsun 120Y

“What the hell!” as a frustrated Colin muttered, as he gave the signal that he was turning left to let the other pass it by. When he has driven to the slow lane, he absolutely shock to find that the other car was still right behind him! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shy and Mysterious Spirit

Shy and Mysterious Spirit
Nancy lives in Sandakan with her family and she really believes that her house is actually haunted.
The city of Sandakan is the second largest city in Sabah, Malaysia. Sandakan was the former capital of the British North Borneo during the British colonial era. After the second WWII, Sandakan shifted to Kota Kinabalu as the capital of the state. It was also well-known for the notorious killing of innocent people during the Japanese occupation during WWII.

Map of Sabah

11 year old, Nancy lived with her parents in Sandakan with her youngest sister, Rudy, in a rented house.
Nancy must have heard a million times, as her mother said wearily to 6 year old Rudy, “Why you so naughty?” To Nancy thinking, Rudy was a real pain in the ass – always mischievous, naughty and she will bug out everyone, especially Nancy.

Anyway, Nancy was in her room (which she shares with Rudy) playing her computer game when she notice someone looking behind her back. She groaned as she thought it must be Rudy as she yell, “Ooui! what you want?” After a few minutes, Nancy finally turned her head to look behind her…but Rudy was not around.
It was a bit strange and after a while Nancy got off a chair and went to look for her sister. When she found Rudy alone in her parents’ room, Rudy was happily asleep with her thumb in her mouth. Nancy found it a bit odd as she was sure she saw someone beside her in their room.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine’s Day at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

Valentine’s Day at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands

A guy and his girlfriend went to spend Valentine’s Day for a weekend outing but was shocked at a nightmarish occurrences at the hotel.

The Theme Park Hotel is conveniently located close to the Arena of Stars, First World Hotel and the Genting Highland theme parks. It is rated as a three-star hotel and has more than 400 rooms. It is also part of the hotels, resorts and gambling casinos that is owned by the Genting group.

The location of Theme Park Hotel

Bosco Liew and Theresa Kan set out for the Theme Park Hotel in Genting Highlands during Valentine Day for a weekend of fun. They went to the hotel where they promptly check with the CSO (Customer Service Officer) and hurriedly went into their room. When their luggage was finally unpacked, they went sight-seeing to the Taoist Chin Swee Temple when they asked for blessings for their respective families. After that, they spent the rest of the day at the themes parks, playing games and enjoying the rides. 

Theme Park Hotel in Genting Highlands

They went to a leisurely dinner at Pizza Hut and when they went to their room it was already 11pm. At their room, they felt a bit uneasy because there was a constant sound of Tak! Tak! Tak! which seemed to be coming from their room. Bosco and Theresa just thought it was the neighbours and did not take any notice.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paranormal Incident at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Paranormal Incident at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Three girls faced a paranormal incident during a night out at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang.
Kavitha, Rosie and Vickki are students at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) at the main campus in the state of Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. USM was established in 1969 and located at the former Minden Barracks of the British Far East Command.

Universiti Sains Malaysia at the island of Penang

They were attending a rehearsal at night for a play (I cannot remember maybe it was Shakespeare) on campus. After the rehearsal, the three of them was walking back from the campus and it was quiet dark night with the lamp which was spaced far apart posts providing the lights on the campus. Kavitha and Vickki was walking with Rosie lagging behind. The two girls turned back and asked Rosie to walk faster. When they turned back impatiently when they notice that Rosie was walking behind them and she was looking strangely at something behind her. 

Night time view of USM

Kavitha and Vickki then shouted at Rosie to keep up with them as Rosie seemed to be falling behind them. Rosie suddenly shouted in a terrified voice at the two girls, “Run…just run!” Both of the girls together with Rosie just took off thinking it must be snatch thieves or even a rapist. 

Then must have ran over a half kilometer before they reached the guard house. They were panting heavily and completely out of breath and when they have recovered sufficiently they asked her what was about.
“You meant you didn’t see them?” said a still panting Rosie to her two friends. Rosie then told them that she saw an older gentleman who was on the parked wooden bench smoking a pipe and he seemed to be lost in thoughts. Then suddenly he walked away on the same foot path they were on.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cendol Seller during Hungry Ghost Month

Cendol Seller during Hungry Ghost Month

A Cendo street seller on Hungry Ghost Month meets an unforgettable and frightening encounter with a ghost.
Kalimuthu is  Cendol street vendor for over 25 years and he travels to different places in Butterworth in Penang where he sells to his take-away customers. Kalimuthu makes cendol strips by personally by hand (actually by his wife… ha!ha!) and together with the red beans, sweet corn, shaved iced and of course with ‘gula melaka’(yeah!), it provides a unique flavor to the cendol which he sells to his customers.

A Bowl of Cendol

On that particular evening, he was in a field around Assumption school where some school boys had finished with the football game and after the game, some of them had gather to drink from his stall. They were gathered drinking, chatting busily about the game and it was getting late when they left. 

Kalimuthu was gathering the used plastic bowls and spoons when he noticed a small boy (around 7 to 8 years old) standing faced to the back of Kalimuthu. The other boys who were drinking were around 14 to 15 years and this boy was much younger. Thinking it must be a younger brother to one of the boys, he asked “Are you done?” while clearing the used bowls and spoons. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Motorcyclist, Girlfriend & “Ponti”

Motorcyclist, Girlfriend & “Ponti”

A motorcyclist and his girlfriend were riding after a date before meeting with a Pontianak!
Dereck Chui went to a cinema in town with his girlfriend, Linda, before adjourning to their favourite hawker stalls in Temiang Jaya, Seremban. After their meal, Linda wanted to bring porridge for supper to her father, mother, sisters and brothers (not cheap to pay for everybody’s food but it is expected - hee hee!). 

At a Hawker Stall – porridge

Dereck and Linda packed the front carriage and fastened the bags of porridge in his motorbike, a Honda Cub. After that, he together with Linda, riding at the off his motorcycle, rode off. As the night was dark and a bit chilly, Linda had wrapped herself in a sweater for the journey.

A Honda Cub with a Front Carriage

Linda house was located at a slightly elevated locations and Dereck found his motorcycle slowing down drastically. He was wondering why was that, either the motorcycle was underpowered, or maybe the bags of porridge was too heavy or maybe Linda suddenly put on weight (ha! ha!  joking-lah about reason 3). He casually glanced at his rear mirror and …bulu sudah naik…he saw a woman sitting beside Linda! The woman was dressed in white blouse and had long thick fuzzy hair and she was smiling at him…and it seemed that Linda was unaware of the strange woman sitting beside her! Oh God! He was absolutely scared to death.