Saturday, September 29, 2012

International Hotel Ghostly Incident

International Hotel Ghostly Incident
Mrs Martha Tan is the senior manager accountant for a larger corporation based in Kuala Lumpur. She travels to Penang twice a year look at accounts and to attend meetings for the local office in Penang.

A View of the Sherathon Hotel in Penang

The Sheraton Penang Hotel is called a business or corporate hotel catering to the needs of corporate clients. The Sheraton Penang Hotel is situated approximately 20 km from the Bayan Lepas International Airport, with a travelling time of about 25 minutes. It is ten minutes from the central business district in a historical enclave of Georgetown.
Martha finally checked in her suite at about 10.30 pm after coming from the airport. The hotel has checked her into although it was in a different room compared to her normal room. Her normal room was being renovated. However, to Martha could not be bothered about it, a room is a room.

Another View of the Hotel

Martha was busy unpacking and at the same time on her mobile phone with her daughter and her husband who were in their house in Petaling Jaya in Selangor. She was facing the dressing mirror when she glimpsed from the mirror, a blurry white image going rapidly past. She was startled as she looked behind her but there was nothing. Thinking that she must be feeling tired with her trip from the airport, she casually figured it must be just her imagination and forgot about the incident.
The next day was a busy day for Martha as she was swarmed with appointments and meetings at the local Penang branch office. She finally got back to her hotel at 10.30 pm. After a quick call to her family, she got into the shower. When she was done with the shower, she felt a shudder and felt a cold eerie feeling. Clad only by a towel she quickly  she rushed into her room when she saw by the chairs and table, a shadow-like figure who was dressed in navy uniform. She just stared, lost for words, when the shadow-like slowly raised his arms at her and moving towards her. She snapped out it and she desperately threw her bath towel and at the white figure. She then grabbed her hand-bag from her bed and ran stark naked to the reception area.
The manager and the receptionist tried to calm her down but all she wanted was to check out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Lady Feather-Dusting Late at Night

Old Lady Feather-Dusting Late at Night
Pekiling Flats (also known as Tun Abdul Rahman Flats) consists of 11 blocks of flats (Blocks A to Blocks L) were located on Jalan Pekililing (now Jalan Tun Razak) and Jalan Pahang in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second largest units (I think) to be built in Malaysia.

View of Pekililing Flats in Kuala Lumpur
This is home to Lenny Tay and his family for over 17 years. Lenny lives in Block C on the 15th floor and adjacent to Block A which faces each other.

Corridor to Pekililing Flats

Lenny have faced many unusual and strange encounters but one of the experience occur when he was studying very late one night when it was over, he went to take a cold shower at 3 am. After his shower he went to make a cup of hot ‘Milo’ and he went to the balcony to relax and just ‘chill out’ before going to bed. He thought that his father who was a taxi driver will be going to work in a few hours’ time.
After casually looking at the night scenery, he noticed that on the 14th floor at the opposite block (Block A), there was an old lady who was busy using a feather-dusting doing housework but very slowly and Lenny was quite amused and surprised that someone will be doing housework at that late hour at night. He felt sad as maybe other people might not be able to sleep instead they kept busy with housework, maybe that why the old lady was working so slowly.
The old lady suddenly seemed to realize that Lenny was looking at her and she smiled at him. Taken aback, Lenny quickly return her smile…and in a flash…that old lady has zoomed crossing the 20 feet (6 meters) between the flats and to the back of Lenny’s balcony.
Lenny was so taken aback and terrified that he felt on his backside trying to struggling back from the balcony. Lenny’s mother came rushing to Lenny’s aid asking what was going on. Lenny turned to look at his mother, but was temporarily speechless and hurriedly looked back at the old lady…but she has disappeared!!!
The next day, Lenny’s mother confided that she has seen the old lady doing housework at nights but only twice. She also said that she about 9 years ago an old lady was abandoned and left to fend for herself after his son and daughter-in-law because of financial problems left to work in another state.