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Why Are Hotels Haunted?

Why Are Hotels Haunted?
Hotels from the super luxurious Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore to the lowly budget hotels in Kelantan, Malaysia are full of stories or experiences of customers which testify on the existence of ghostly haunting. In fact, any hotels in this world have numerous tales of strange haunting.

Super Luxurious Marina Sands Hotel, Singapore

A Budget Hotel in Kelantan
It has been simply observed that there are mountains of evidence that point to the probability of ghosts existing. There are too many to simply ignore from countless clients and customers of eerie ghostly experiences.

Tale 1
Zina Azhar  booked a room with a reputable hotel in Kuching, Sarawak. Zina is a business woman and was extremely tired from the customers she met. She fell easily asleep soundly when she startled and woke at the unfamiliar sound of the bedroom window.
In the darken night, Zina was shocked and terrified to find the a blurry image of a man holding a knife at her. She grabbed a table light from the bed and quickly took off for the receptionist counter in the lobby.
The hotel manager, bell-boy and Zina followed her to the bedroom where they found only the broken lamp. The manager dismiss the whole incident but was willing to change her room instead.  Angry and upset, Zina quickly packed her luggage and went down to the receptionist area to check-out. The young girl kept apologizing for the incident and in a hush tone said that a man committed suicide a couple of years ago and he was in the same room!
2nd Tale
Insurance adjuster Charles Seto check in to a budget hotel deciding to spend a night at Johor Baru, Johore. As he walked into the narrow corridor leading to the rows of rooms, he suddenly felt an eerie sensation of as if someone was looking at him. Charles also felt cold sweat pouring over his body. He wondered what is going on and thought he must be coming down with a fever.
As Charles walked around the corner he spotted a room with the door opened and red tape was strung around the room. When he walked pass the room, he saw a few policemen busy looking around the room.
Charles Seto turned back and walked out thinking that he is better off sleeping in his old car.

A veteran manager of the hotel industry has commented that it is common to have such spirits or ghosts in every hotel regardless of how many stars it has.

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